Friday, March 13, 2009

String Quilt Block instructions

One of my wonderful readers asked how I make these string quilt blocks.
So for anyone that wants to know how I do it, here are some simple instructions. If it isn't clear enough let me know and I will try to post step by step pictures in the text.

For the string quilt blocks, I cut an over-sized muslin square (about an inch larger than the block+seam allowances) That means for a nine inch finished block, the muslin is ten and a half inches. Then I place a strip diagonally from corner to corner face up. I place a strip on top if it face down (three layers of fabric (muslin, face up strip, face down strip) then I do a 1/4th inch seam. After each strip, I iron it open. This ironing is important!!! If you don't iron it flat your block will be unattractively puffy. You know, like your eyes look after a good cry. now you don't want that do you?

I just keep adding more strips in the same manner until I finish to the corner on one side. Then I repeat for the other side. Trim it to nine and a half inches and it is ready to join.
I usually do two at a time so I don't have to jump up to iron so frequently. I am not organized enough to do more than two or maybe three at a time


Pat said...

I LOVE string blocks and have a whole BIG basket of various size strips just waiting for me to work on blocks like these. I think I'll take a picture of my basket of strips soon....maybe that will get me started? LOL


I've been using some of that cheater muslin, that is printed on, but your instructions are so clear. Thanks for the lesson.

Barb said...

You instructions were just grand...but I love pictures too, just to see some of your work. Thanks for the instructions and I hope you got my email????

I have several bins with long strips, I should try this....I have so many projects in the works, I should be ashamed.