Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mail Call -

I got a nice package of fabric that I ordered from the wonderful Barb at her artfire shop.
The first picture is of two fabrics that are cotton Samoan prints. I think they go well together, but I am not sure that I will use them together. The navy blues and the whites have a great contrast going in each piece. That will make them easy to use. Ahh the joy of making decisions how to use the fabric.
They are lovely stash additions anyway.

Next up are some blends of fiber. I suspect that they are similar to a broadcloth poly/cotton blend. I probably won't use them for quilting per se, but they will be good for crafting and maybe purse making or for journal covers.
I ordered the big piece (blue with aqua and white print.) I was pleasantly surprised at the two small "bonus" pieces in the package. The one in the lower left corner goes so well with the larger piece. The one in the upper left makes a nice contrast. Hmmm....ideas are churning even as I type this.

Barb, if you are reading and I made any mistakes please feel free to speak up and help me get it right.

Everyone else, go look at Barb's shop. She has added lots of great stuff. I am fighting the temptation to order more! Her prices are really great. I saw a horse panel 36" by 34" for only a dollar.
Thanks Barb.


Rhonda said...

Hi Gene,
Great fabrics. I don't often buy "blue" but your choices are wonderful. Shopping on-line or at the actual store always gives me a rush.
Have a great holiday. Take care.

Barb said...

Thanks for the shout are awesome....I believe you got it all right. The gals here call that fabric broadcloth or poplin...depends on who you get.

Pat said...

Looks like very nice fabric, Gene. I can't wait to see what you make with it.