Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Triangle Half String Squares

After playing with String Blocks and making several, I started thinking about making a different design with them. Then in a old book that was given to me, I saw a variation on the string square. It is made from a triangle of solid fabric and then so strips over the rest of the square. The one in the book had them just kind of random. It didn't appeal to me at all. BUT it turned on my thinking cap. So I sat and 'played' on the computer. This is the design I came up with.
I like the motion and illusion it creates. The color possibilities are endless.....and imagine using a pattern -say a BIG pattern - for the solid areas. What do you think? If you try this design, let me know. I would love to see it.

Size is up to you...but I see 10 or 12 inch blocks. and adjust the number of squares to suit yourself.


Gari in AL said...

I really like this variation and it leaves a lot of quilting space.

Barb said...

That does create a nice illusion...I really like it.

When you said "Thinking cap", I just had to smile...thought of all those years in school when the teacher would say "I want you all to put your thinking caps on!"....thanks for the memory.

Anonymous said...

As I catch up on your blog posts, I see wonderful "motion" in all of your colorful work!

Pat said...

I think YOU should try some squares of this and send us an actual photo of them. I like it a lot!

Myra said...

Love the results of your play! It is wonderful! 8-)
What program did you design that in?