Sunday, May 17, 2009

Afternoon project

journal cover
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This afternoon, while the laundry was running, I made the cover for this little journal. It was requested that it be "wonky and scrappy." I am not sure that it is wonky...well only slightly, but it is truly scrappy. All of the fabric is from my scrap stash. There is a bit of a border print that I used in making my pillowcases. There are some scraps from my bed quilt in there. And there is a bit of the dotted black that my niece used to make a journal for her friend.

You may see this again on another blog..but that is all I will say about it for now.

Journal front journal inside


Unknown said...

Love it. I might have to scrap me up a journal cover.

Barb said...

So are you making those to sell? It looks great, do need an online store, that is for sure.


VERY Nice. Love it. Great job, etc etc.

Millie said...

Very nice...I love all those wonky log cabin blocks. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

So bright! And this is exactly what you need if you carry a journal. I've marred so many journal covers by putting them down in a bag and this way if one is a closet journaler no one ever has to know. Great work!

Pat said...

It turned out very nice......and how mysterious for us not to know where it is going to be found next!