Monday, May 04, 2009

Go see what My Friends are giving away!

My friend Chris is having a giveaway but I am not entering. I want YOU to go enter and maybe, just maybe you will win. The We Love Quilting giveaway is Here

She has a great small book Altered Surfaces by Chris Cozen. If you like to embellish, or make painted fabric or just want to learn a new technique, this book sounds interesting. Go and see.

And tell Chris that "Gene sent me" okay?

#2 My friend Barb is having a giveaway also. She is on vacation in Hawaii. (I am jealous) So she is calling this her vacation giveaway So go on over and enter I confess that I am entering Barb's giveaway, cause I am a fabric junkie!
Oh yes...tell her "Gene sent me" okay?


Pat said...

Actually, you don't need to be jealous of Barb as her vacation is NOT in Hawaii...that is just a necessary stop-over when she flies anywhere from American Samoa. She is heading to the continental U.S. for such nice things as visiting family and seeing her son when he is on R & R from his tour of duty in Iraq. (You aren't the only one who was thinking she was vacationing there, though. She emailed me from the airport in Hawaii while waiting for her next flight and said she'd noticed many thought she was staying in Hawaii and she will correct that misconception on her blog soon.) So.....YOU are the only one who has had a nice warm-weather vacation recently!!! LOL

Gene Black said...

I am not really jealous anyway. Mexico was wonderful.