Monday, May 04, 2009

Mexico: Gray-necked wood rail

As promised I am posting another picture from Mexico. While there we went on a delightful eco tour. We drove to Celestun from Merida. Celestun is also in the state of Yucatan. There we went on a boat tour that took us to see flamingoes and other waterfowl. This is a gray necked wood rail. He was quite the interesting little fellow. He didn't seem afraid of the people but he didn't bother them either.

Oh...would you like to see the Flamingoes too? Here they are.



Dolores said...

I've never seen that first birdie. Thanks for the flamingoes pic. They are my all time favourite bird.


What an awsome bird. And the flamingoes look so nice in their natural habitat. Much better than in someones front garden, that's for sure.

Barb said...

That is an awesome picture...thanks and thanks for the shout out!! Baleese (I don't think I spelt it right) but that is where we were thinking of getting a home when we retire.

Pat said...

I love these two photos. That first bird is "new" to me, too. Hey....if Barb is going to retire there, too, you two can start a quilting guild and some of the rest of us will fly there for retreats, okay???