Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More Mexico - The Bus Stop?

While riding down the road on the way to Celestun, we saw what appears to be a bus stop. (If you know different, let me know) Anyway, it is out in the middle of nowhere. But there were these three guys there waiting. I do know that the bus travels this road. So I really do think this is the bus stop.

Now...the next picture is an enlarged piece of that picture. I was home before I noticed the man in the middle. What is he doing?

Yes, believe it or not, he is on the cell phone. Dave had his phone and we actually had service everywhere. He checked while on this road - he had a full signal. Now in Alabama, there are places where you get no signal...but in the back forty in Mexico, we had a full signal. I am wondering which country is backward.

Oh, and just so you know, we saw lots of fields like the following one. The plant is agave. The part used to make tequila is the "pineapple" part at the bottom. Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Pat said...

Somewhere in my computer photo files, I have a photo of a native American in full dance regalia on the cell phone at a Pow-Wow we attended here in southern Delaware. That struck me as a real study in contrasts and I'll have to dig it out to show you soon. Thanks for posting more photos from your trip...I really enjoy seeing them.

Barb said...

That looks like a yucca plant...interesting. Baleze is it's own country, I thought is was part of Mexico because of the way they all were talking....wasn't really interested in it at the time....