Monday, May 25, 2009

Strip Surprise

I assume you have discovered Quiltville, Bonnie Hunter's website. I find lots of inspiration there, as well as anywhere I can find it. After seeing all that Bonnie does with Strips, Crumbs and other small dabs of fabric, I saw somewhere else about strip piecing on a foundation. So I made a lot of squares (also here) Now I am putting them together. I am planning a surprise quilt - unless the surprise-ee is watching my blog. (I don't think so, I think she will be very surprised!) Anyway, I sewed sixteen of the strip blocks into this piece. Wow, I have impressed myself!

Strip twist quilt top

I am planning to do this "quilt as you go" style. I will make this the WIDTH of the quilt then add backing and batting and quilt it. I am thinking that this will be the UPPER MIDDLE of the quilt to make a big band of diagonal motion there.

I have more of the diagonal strip blocks left so they will work in there somehow. I also have the crumb blocks I posted earlier.
Crumb Blocks

I have a number of them made now also - not enough but I have more "scraps" to keep on making them. Those will go into this quilt too. This will be a very scrappy and colorful quilt. (imagine that! Ha ha, I don't know how to do muted) I am hoping it comes together into a lovely, artsy quilt for someone very special.


Barb said... have been busy...and I love it...I am sure you are having fun with the design process....


I like how the strips keep your eyes moving, around, and around,, and , oh, jeez, I've got to lay down. Can I use your quilt?

Anonymous said...

A scrappy look has always been my favorite. Love this!

Kaye said...

good job, its coming together nicely, be sure to post it when its done

Anonymous said...

Nice strip piecing! I love it!

Pat said...

Oh, RATS...I guess it's not for me then, since I DO read your blog?? *sigh*