Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tips for New Quilters

One of my online acquaintances, Serena at Young Appalachian Quilter posted tips for a new quilter asking "please post something that you wish someone had told you about quilting."

Here is what I said:

Perfection is less important than creativity.

If you like it and enjoyed making it, it is a sucess!

Don't try to free motion quilt a full size or larger quilt until you had tried it on smaller pieces. (24 by 36 inches is a nice "try it" size)

Make friends with other quilters, even if only by internet. However local friends are very valuable, they may share tools and even give you gadgets they decided they didn't need. I got a BIG cutting mat that way.

Share things. Didn't you learn that as a small child? The universe (God or whatever you believe in) will repay you in ways you never expected.
Now I had another idea so I am adding this:

Don't be afraid to make your own design - the only failure is NOT trying.

Now, please comment with your hints/tips for a new quilter.
(Thanks Serena, I hope you don't mind that I "borrowed" your idea!)


Unknown said...

Very good tips. I used to worry while making something that I wasn't making it "right". But then again, it was right for me. I don't even worry with that anymore.

Anonymous said...

LOL NEVER! I love sharing! I started blogging to make friends. I'm stuck at home raising my kid, soon to be kids, and missed friendship. I'm just really tickled people actually read my blog.

My tips for a new quilter:

1) Learn the mechanics of the fabric you're using and the mechanics of quiltmaking in general.

2) Don't be scared if your project sits for years.

3) See your quilts as part of your life instead of as a hobby. Find ways to incorporate your existence into your work. Think about why you're creating, when, what you're learning, living through.

4)Never be afraid to try!

Sarah said...

My tip is to join the mini/doll quilt swaps and learn by doing. It's not so intimidating when the finished products are only about 20 x 20.

Millie said...

Great tips...the one I liked the best is to have fun and not to try to be perfect.

Pat said...

I saw a little button/pin at the first quilt show I attended. I was a VERY new quilter at the time. The wording on this button said....."There are NO Quilt Police". I didn't truly appreciate that saying for awhile, but....I'd say that is the advice I most wish I had when I was first quilting and I try to give that advice to new quilters I meet now. Enjoy what you are doing and don't get upset about anything in the process as there are NO Quilt Police.....most "mistakes" can be fixed and....having FUN is what it's about anyway.