Sunday, June 14, 2009

Always something - And a giveaway too

Seems like I am always busy and things slip up on me. Does that happen to you? If not you are truly blessed.

Today I started to do laundry. My bottle of laundry detergent was empty. Not a problem. I just went to get the big gallon jug and refill it. YIKES, the gallon was empty too. Now you probably don't know this but I make my own laundry detergent. It is easy and saves money. Another big plus is the lack of dyes or artificial fragrances - well mostly. One of the ingredients is a bar of laundry soap. Actually with the big bar I buy, a third is enough. I got a nice bar in Mexico last year. Since I already had an open bar at the time, this bar was still there. I kinda looked at the ingredients and there is some fragrance in there. Oh well.

Instead of sewing a lot, I made detergent. It won't be ready till tomorrow. BUT I had a jug of bought detergent so I just used that this time. The laundry got done anyway.

But about the making detergent; there are instructions on the internet lots of places. Here is a link to one recipe. Now, I stress that I use a bar of LAUNDRY SOAP for mine. I got the Zote in Sav-A-Lot discount grocery. If you have a little Mexican grocery, you may find it there. (or one of the other brands.) Personally I would not use bath soap, although some people do.

So anyway, I didn't take any pictures but my laundry detergent should be ready to use tomorrow....although all my laundry is clean right now!

What? Oh, I did mention a giveaway didn't I?

Quilt Qua is having a tell a friend giveaway. There I told all my quilty friends. Go enter for yourself. The prize is a Frosted Memories Fat Quarter Bundle by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics !


Barb said...

The Laundry soap sounds interesting..... I just might have to go take a look see.

Unknown said...

How funny you should mention laundry detergent. I noticed this morning and awhile back. What we currently use does not smell so good. I need to find something else.

Unknown said...

Ok Gene, you inspired me. I went and read the article. The entire thing. I thought, I can do this. So, I wrote down everything I need and went to buy it all. Problem....washing soda. Where in heaven's name do you get that? I went to 3 places, no one had it. And now that I think of it, I've never heard of washing soda. What's your receipe? Do you use washing soda?

Gene Black said...

Good question Tonya.
I had trouble finding Washing soda. I have bought it before but it is hard to find now. Washing soda is 100% sodium carbonate. So go to someplace that sells pool supplies (wal-mart was my choice-cheaper) and look at pH additives. The one I got says it is to shock the pool. The only ingredient is --you got it! ---sodium carbonate 100%. Be sure that it is ONLY sodium carbonate. You don't want any other chemicals in it.
That is what I use. Sorry I am not home and don't have the exact name of it.

Tangos Treasures said...

Cool!! I make my laundry soap too!! It's so much cheaper to make it! I found that washing soda was hard to find here in NC to. I finally found it at Harris Teeter store.Also called for Zote or fels naptha & I can't find that here either?? I used Otagon(sp) & what a mess did'nt step up at all!Than I used Ivory for the next batch but it's kinda mild. So I used LOL Shield this time & boy does it smell good!
If you can get those near you maybe we can barter??? Scraps?? FQ's for soap??