Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mail Call!

Another day, another delightful package. I almost feel like it is my birthday. You see, my friend, Serena (aka Young Appalachian Quilter) sent me yet another package of possibilities. (You know, you call them "scraps.")

I opened it up, having a modest idea what it contained, but not REALLY knowing. WOW, look at the goodness. (well, you can't because I spent the evening painting, sewing and watching a movie, instead of taking a picture - sorry!)

Serena had mentioned that she was sending me some scraps of Asian Fabric. But there is a bit of batik, some fine floral fabrics, some magnificent metallic prints, oh my!
I saw two fish fabrics that pleased my eye. More than I can remember at this point.

I am a happy camper this evening. Did I mention that in the sewing this evening I have all the top of my quilt in big pieces. I have 3 sections left to quilt, then I join it all. Then I may add a scrappy border, I can't decide! All that will be left after that is the binding! Woo woo!

This is post one hundred ninety eight. Suggestions for what to use as the giveaway are certainly welcomed. At this point I don't know - it may be a surprise to ALL of us. LOL.


Barb said...

Good for you Gene, that would be awesome if others would send you scraps....you could go on forever with your creativeness...

Pat said...

How great that you are so close to finishing your current project. As for a giveaway prize, I trust that you will come up with the perfect idea. What FUN to get so many terrific scraps, too!

ooglebloops said...

I should have included a baggie of scraps to you - since you are so scrap happy!! LOL next time!!!

Anonymous said...

Anytime....Anytime! That's what friends are for !

quiltmom anna said...

Serena's scraps sound beautiful- I love batiks and florals so the Asian fabrics have great appeal too.
It sounds like you had a lovely evening painting, quilting and watching movies- a terrific way to spend an evening.
I am sure you will figure out a great giveaway..

sewtakeahike said...

That's a pretty cool friend you have there Gene to send you scraps! I love getting "little boxes of possibilities" too, it's always soooooo exciting!