Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Scrappy Blocks

Last night I figured out how many more blocks I need to finish the quilt top. So I did some piecing this evening after work. I confess that some of these were already done. Some I finished last night ---and yes, I have a few more to make. And since I am doing this one quilt as you go, I have part of it already quilted. Yaaay!

The real joy in making the newest ones was having the scraps from Barb to add to my own stuff. Wow! It worked so well together. I rambled on last night so tonight I will cut it short and show you. Do notice that I did some of the blocks at wonkedy angles just for fun.

Scrappy Quilt Blocks


Barb said...

Looking good....I am excited to see it all done.

Pat said...

I'm supposing this will be finished before too much longer....can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Looking wonkedy-er and wonkedy-er with each block! Looking forward to a photo of the entire quilt when done.