Sunday, June 28, 2009


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Thanks to Barb (Bejeweled Quilts by Barb) I was prompted to make the pillowcases for my bed.
I had made one pair with some fabric I won. They go so well with a painting in my bedroom. If you click the link you will see my painting (yes I painted that) and the pillowcase.

This time I bought fabric for the project. I didn't buy the yellow fabric for the accent for the project, I cheated and grabbed a couple of strips out of a jelly roll. They don't match, but they go well together. I love sleeping on the pillowcaes I made before. So to have a pair for using on alternate washings, I made a second pair. I love them.
I don't fret that the pillowcases don't match the sheets. In case you haven't noticed I am not a person that matches things up and uses all one line of fabric in every quilt I make. Oh no. I mix it up. I like to add a little extra ZIP with a contrast. I must say that these will go wonderfully with my quilt. They are bright and cheerful and most of all FUN.

I used the "burrito" method to make these. I got the pattern from Quilted Forest.
I didn't think the instructions were real clear. Or maybe it is me, I don't generally do patterns, remember. I had seen this elsewhere on the internet and didn't quite get it. The "burrito" part had me confused before. Anyway, this time I figured it out and got them made. The first pair I did has exposed seams and they do string out some in the wash. These have all totally encased seams. yaay! I highly recommend making your own pillowcases.


Barb said...

Those pillow cases will go great with your quilt...and I will go and check out your paintings...


Love the painting and pillowcase. The new ones don't have your usual flair, but are still nice. You and Barb have inspired me. I have plenty of fabric and will make some for: ME.
Time to cut down on the sewing and concentrate on more fiber stuff.

Anonymous said...

Love the bright colors and your painting! Don't these keep you awake at night? (just kidding ;)Very original and really lovely, Gene.

Pat said...

I recall the other ones you made (as well as your lovely painting)...and I like these, too. What is the burrito pattern for a pillowcase???

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's why I'm not much of a crafty person. I don't do directions well. I've read on one of the quilting forums I belong to, quite a few people enjoy using up fabric with these little bad boys.