Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Post 190 - A giveaway At Tonya's

Hi y'all, there is a giveaway at Tonya's Sewing Room

Tonya is looking for Followers to her blog. But you can get an entry just by commenting. Still, why wouldn't you follow? Tonya does some fun posts. This is her 100 post giveaway. Oh yeah, tell her that Gene sent you!

Me? This is my post 190 ---hey getting closer to 200 huh?


Kaye said...

Thanks for the heads up, will go on over there. You've been quiet! whats up?

Unknown said...

Thanks Gene, and I'm looking forward to 200 for you. Can't wait.

Pat said...

OH, goodie......maybe you will offer a piece of your jewelry or some other nice work of your art as a giveaway.......a girl can hope, right? :)