Monday, July 13, 2009

First and Last Quilts (and in progress)

Following the blogland quilters I read, I am posting my first and "last" quilts. The last one is actually still in progress, so I am thinking it doesn't count.

My first quilt is this tablerunner that starte me quilting. I did this all on my machine and did "in the ditch" quilting. Don't go looking too closely or you will see that I jumped out of the ditch a couple of times. C'est la vie!
Table Runner

My last completed quilt is this one that you probably saw already.
The quilt hadn't been bound in this picture, but you get the idea anyway. Since it was finished this quilt has spent 98% of the time on my bed. I love it.

I am still working on the quilt for Dave. So just to make this a little more complete here is part of the "in progress" quilt
Quilted Goodness


Pat said...

I love that table runner....and see nothing wrong with it at all. The most recent quilts are very nice, too. (won't be online much the next few days as we are doing the Grammy and Grampy "stuff" until late in the day on Saturday).

Barb said...

I too love the table runner but you have done a 180 in the color scheme....since.

Anonymous said...

There is still, and always will be, a place in my heart for traditional quilting, so I love the table runner, but oh boy are these last two quilts just pure and complete fun! I almost feel that you're painting with fabric and I think that is awesome. Great work Gene.

ooglebloops said...

From tame and traditional to wild and WOW!!!

sewfunquilts said...

Love scrappy quilts and your bright colors are HAPPY!

Thanks for sharing with us.

Elaine Adair said...

LOVE that "in process" scrappy quilt! What fun. said...

You your look a billion times better on your new blog. It just adds so much to it.. I love your work anyway but it even look more wonderful.

cottonreel said...

Hi Gene, I,m a p/q, I live in England. Your t,runner is lovely colours. You say you are American native Indian , I keep hoping I will see Seminole quilts on a blog, up to now I haven,t seen 1!!.I like your scrap quilt,beautiful .
You say you like quantum science, my newspaper this weekend carried a story of a new book published by Doubleday, July 20th by Dr Andrew Parker called-The Genesis Enigma,
Nice to meet you , visit my blog if you have time--cottonreel