Saturday, August 01, 2009

For the Swap - Block Pieces

I have been working on the blocks for Linda's Birthday Swap. The first picture shows one of my signature strips. Linda asked that the blocks reflect our personality. Ha ha. I am wondering now if my personality is psychotic. Just kidding. I tried to include representations of "me" in each one. This particular one has a male face. Not all the strips have a male face, some have female faces, but each has a face. That is representative of the fact that I have always drawn faces when I doodle. There are music notes one each. I play (or play at) the piano, pennywhistle, guitar, and harmonica. I prefer to compose my own music on piano. Guitar is just for accompaniment for singing, which I enjoy. The other doodles are quilting line patterns. I do them better with a pen than with a machine! Ha.

This second picture shows some of the fabrics I have chosen to use. (unless I change my mind!) The Yellow floral is from a trip to Mexico. The teal is leftover from making some pillowcases. The reds are stash fabrics. And the wild one, green purple yellow, is from a charm pack I may dive into if it feels right once I start sewing. I bordered two edges with a couple of the signature strips.



I'm so glad we went for the pen siggies, or I wouldn't have gotten to see these!!! What fun, I love it. And I knew you would pick some awsome, bright colors.
I have my small blocks all sewn together, but need to do the signatures.
I wish I could hear your music, too.

Pat said...

I love your signature strips...mine are SO boring in comparison. Seeing this blog post put the first smile on my face today.......tree JUST off the roof now (had to do it carefully so as not to wipe out our storage shed when taking the trunk off the roof). Tarp people are due here soon. Now that the tree is gone and I see the damage, I am MORE sick than I was yesterday, but I need to keep remembering that it could have been worse...we could have been hurt. Anyway....GREAT job on the signature blocks......I'd be happy to have ANY of them!!!

ooglebloops said...

Gene you have raised the bar almost out of reach!! LOL These are great!! I can't wait to own one!!!!!

Barb said...

Love it Gene....what an awesome job and I will love getting my block from some of the blogs I visit.

Tangos Treasures said...

Wow that's so creative! Nice work!

Kyra said...

Very fun drawings!