Saturday, August 29, 2009

Half Square Triangle Tutorial

I am going to be ambitious this morning and see if I can write my first tutorial. Here is a method to make half square triangles (HSTs) quick and easy. You use two squares of fabric, sew four seams, cut and press for EIGHT finished HSTs.
I confess that I don't know the math to make the exact sizes. I used 10 inch squares and my squares are four and three-quarters inches. (If you make the larger you can trim them down.

First cut your fabric squares. Mine are 10 inches. (layer cake - but check them, I had to trim a couple!) Layer two of the face to face.

Mark diagonal lines - corner to corner with a pencil or pen, it won't show.

Next mark lines across the middles. All of the lines should MEET AND CROSS in the middle.

At this point I suggest pinning thru the edges at the side to side and top to bottom lines. ( you do NOT sew on those lines. So the pins will not be in the way.)

Sew quarter inch seams using the diagonal lines as your guide. On each side of the line you should have a seam. That will be FOUR seams

Remove pins and iron it flat. Go to the cutting board. Using your ruler for a nice straight cut and following the lines cut your piece into squares first using those side to side and top to bottom lines. Each piece will have two diagonal seam lines.

Now cut each square on the diagonal lines. Chop of the corners. (or if you are hesitant, uncertain etc. you can cut the dog ears off AFTER pressing.) I am brave and chop away.

Then just iron them open and you have EIGHT HSTs quick and easy.

When doing small HSTs I prefer to use Thangles (or triangles on a roll) but for larger ones, this is so simple.

Let me know if you use this tutorial. And feel free to link to it on your blog if you want.


Greg said...

Thanks for the tutorial Gene. It's a quick, easy, and painless way to make the HST's. Thanks!

Millie said...

Gene, thank you for this great tutorial. I will try your method the next time. I have not used the Thangles before...some quilters like them and others not so much. But it is always fun to try something new.

Pat said...

You did a very nice job of explaining that and showing your steps. I'm sure many will find it very useful.

ooglebloops said...

Great job!! Very clear!!! :>)

Frummie said...

Great tutorial Gene! Thanks!

Tangos Treasures said...

Wow, cool good to know! Thanks & congratulations on your first tutorial!

Barb said...

Great Tutorial.

Rose Marie said...

This is great! Using a 10" layer cake, what size do your HST finish at (math has never been my best subject)?

Gene Black said...

Mine finished at 4 3/4th inches.
I think it was buried in the text there but glad to help. I am
guessing that you lose a half inch total. So take the size you want,
double it and add half an inch.
(3/4 in decimal is .75)
4.75 +4.75+.5=10 Now I THINK that would
work with other sizes but i haven't tried it.

If you try it and it works with another size, LET ME KNOW!

Royce said...

This will be so much better than the little plastic guide I normally use. You can only do one block at a time with it. Very cool. Love things that speed up a process.

Carol R. said...

Ok, Gene, first thank you for an excellent tutorial. While reading it, I happened to glance over at my sewing table to see a charm pack I had received recently, but not put away. I just had to try your method, couldn't help myself. The finished blocks (two pinwheel blocks) turned out approximately 3 1/2 inches by using the 5 inch charm squares. I learned two things: 1) your tutorial was easy to follow and a super easy way of making HST's; and 2) I don't like making blocks that small. It makes me nervous as all get out. But, I will use your method again on larger blocks of fabric.

Thanks for the tut.

Rhonda said...

Hi Gene! I loved your tutorial. I use this method of making half-square triangles all the time. In minutes you've got 8.....which is great......LOL. I have a little diagram at the bottom of my blog to remind me what to do. Tomorrow, I'll link to your blog so that others can see for themselves. Take care.

Anonymous said...

For your first was perfect!

Anonymous said...

Great instructions for ending up with many HSTs quickly!

Tonje said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Simple and easy to follow... I have to try this out one day.