Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Night Out with the Celtic Fiddlers

Yesterday I did very little sewing. I did make one more disappearing nine patch square. But this post is not about quilting or painting.

I have another love. One I have loved my whole life long. MUSIC! You see, my Mother's family were very musical. All the guys played an instrument and all the girls sang. Mom sang on the radio before she was a teenager. I used to sit on my grandmother's front steps and sing "Roses are Red" (made famous by Bobby Vinton if I recall)

So, a couple of weeks ago some friends from church told me that they would be performing at a coffee shop in Guntersville, AL. Lucky me, it was a weekend that I could go and hear them.

These friends are four young ladies and their Mom, Michelle. As a group they are known as The Mohr4 (how is that? well, Mom isn't counted!) Three of the girls play violin/fiddle. The fourth and youngest, switched to cello about a year ago.

My opinion: they are awesome. They played, reels, aires, hornpipes, marches, and more plus they sang. They advertise as Celtic Fiddlers. Michelle (mom) accompanies them as needed on piano and/or penny whistle.

So here are some pics of the girls that I took in their front yard back in May. I forgot my camera last night. After the pictures I will post links to their website and youtube videos.


The website is


Pat said...

That kind of music is such a uplifting to me. I enjoyed seeing groups like them when we went to Ireland several years back. How lucky for you to live near to them and get to see them perform! Thanks for sharing this...I love it!

Barb said...

I think my google reader is dropping my favorite blogs....I just thought you had not been blogging but today I have been spending alot of time putting me back as followers on peoples blog.. ...don't know how that has I am back!!! I am sure you are excited.