Tuesday, September 22, 2009

248 hmmm, do I wait?

I just realized that I am at post 248. That means post 250 is VERRRRRRYYYY CLOSE. Something else is very close also. What? Should I blatantly say this? Sure why not.
But first, something to look at:

This is a small painting titled "Tree line"

My Birthday is the last day of this month.

NO! I am not telling my age. (Because I am already "old enough to know better") Let's just say, when I started where I work, I was one of the youngest. Now I am in the elite group of the oldest. OUCH! that hurt. I forget I am old most of the time. (not OLD, just "older") sigh.

What should I do to celebrate the two? any ideas? I did buy some fabric this past weekend. I do want to up my "followers" number.

Do the math. Get ready.


Anonymous said...

A lovely painting -- early happy birthday!

Needled Mom said...

My DIL's BD is the last day of this month too.

Is that a hand dyed fabric? Gorgeous!

Greg said...

You getting older? No, it can't be.. You've got enough experience. You don't need more.. People will start to call you OLD. You'll have to start using the phrase "back in my day.." and hiking your pants up to your armpits. Remember supper is at 4:30, Matlock reruns at 5;30 and it's lights out by 8:15. And don't forget to take your fiber!

Barb said...

I am ready, have my typing fingers on....just say the word.

Your birthday is very close to mine.

That painting is so wonderful.

Royce said...

Really like the painting. Is it on fabric - or paper? Very nice. Happy early B-day. and 250 posts - way to go.

Unknown said...

hmmmmm....sounds like a giveaway is in order, can't wait


The painting is great!
Hey, I'm only 35 at heart, so that's how I act.

hetty said...

Your painting is wonderful!

Carol Anne Strange said...

Fabulous painting, Gene! Just found your blog via the lovely LindaB and the equally lovely Pat. I hope to stop by occasionally to follow your posts. Wishing you a bright birthday! :-))