Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lap Quilt I -D9P Charmed

I have made large quilts. I have made tablerunners, purses and other things. But I realized that I have never made a lap quilt.

I know, I started out backwards. Yep, that is my way. Do the hard stuff then back pedal and do the easier stuff.

Anyway, I was actually planning to make a square tablerunner from the Disappearing Nine Patch squares I had made. So, I sewed two sets of two together, then joined those into a square.

AGGGH, I didn't like the layout. All the blue was in one half, while all the brown was in the other half. It should have been one square with blue diagonal from the other square with blue. The same thing with the brown.
I HATE un-sewing (aka-ripping out seams). So on to Plan B! Oops, whaddaya mean there is no plan B???

Develop plan B. Hmmmm, there are two more D9P squares. So I added them to the other four, now it is too big for a table runner but not large enough for a quilt. I don't want to make more D9Ps right now. Oooohh

OOOOHHHH>.I got it!!

I took some charm squares, sewed them into rows and added them to all four sides of the piece. Hey, how big IS a lap quilt? Off to internet land to see.

Wow, there are as many different sizes as there are patterns. Okay, wing it!

I decided it was close, so if I added some borders, yes, perfect. I added wide borders on the sides and narrower borders on the ends.

Hey, that looks sharp. I need a picture and a blog post. The weather is cooperating. (we were supposed to be getting 5 inches of rain today.) But the sky is slightly overcast and still bright. Out to the fence to make a picture.

Lap Quilt I -D9P Charmed

Wow...look at that. I made a pretty little quilt. Now it just needs a back , batting, quilting and a border. That will be another day. For now I am just happy!

Barb said she couldn't see the one from Flickr, so here it is again! This time hosted by Blogger.


Greg said...

Thats really nice work Gene. I'm impressed with your work. Very well done.

Barb said...

For some reason your picture didn't show up for me...

Unknown said...

this is so beautiful Gene...I love it...melinda

Pat said...

I LOVE it!!! Great job with this, Gene.

Barb said...

Love it...what a wonderfl job...love how the colors flow...it is just wonderful.

Royce said...

I really like this. Sometimes plans B or even D end up being better than A. I really like the black around the edges and the little black in the charm rows. Excellent!

Unknown said...

yum, love it

Tangos Treasures said...

Pretty!! Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a "pretty little quilt" indeed!
And the way you made it, winging it as you went, makes it yet another one-of-a-kind work of art.

smudgecat44 said...

Any quilt is a piece of art, and a piece of the maker's soul. Lovely quilt! And a sneak peak into a lovely soul.

Anonymous said...


quiltmom anna said...

I love the disappearing 9 Patch - Gene it worked out very well- They all look so different depending on the fabric combinations- scrappy or not..
Hope you enjoy meandering- I really enjoy quilting that way when it works out well ( the thread tension cooperates and no broken needles) Once you get the rhythm - it is a great way to quilt.

hetty said...

You did good, Gene! I love the Disappearing Nine Patch.