Monday, September 07, 2009

My Celebration for Labor Day

Before I talk about the celebration, I must share that I am a guest blogger over at We Love Quilting. The entry is titled: They Love Quilting, too. My Quirky Quilting acQuaintances
I think I wrote a better blog article for that than I usually write here. I know my personality surely shows in it. (I never said I was sane!)

And now My Celebration for Labor Day
Actually, I celebrated on Saturday night, but that is okay. It was the holiday weekend. A group of ladies known as the Mohr4, Celtic Fiddlers, were playing at Sparky's coffee house in Guntersville. I am lucky enough to know the family from my church where they are members also. Three of the young ladies play fiddle, while the youngest plays cello. The mother, Michelle, plays accompaniment on piano and also plays a delightful pennywhistle.
I am posting a picture of the three fiddlers, and a couple of short videos. I find Michelle's pennywhistle version of Southwind to be hauntingly lovely. I must have been a Celt in my past life.

If you don't like Celtic music, then don't play these. But personally, I love it.

If you are interested, their website is


Pat said...

I really enjoy their music. It brings back fond memories of our trip to Ireland in 1994 and the music we heard at several locations while there. Thanks for taking the time to post this for us. I'll go look at your article now as a "guest blogger". I'm sure it's a great one!


That was nice. Lucky you to be able to see them and hear them play in person.

sewfunquilts said... won QuiltsbyLee's blue fat quarters....go get 'em! Congrats. You always promote the giveaways a lot and you deserve to win one!

Sarah said...

Wow they sound fabulous!

You Episcopalians love your Celtic music don't you ;)

sewfunquilts said...

Gene, thanks for the compliment on my new blog layout & colors. I value your opinion on colors a lot, and the idea of it being more peaceful was great. Thanks sew much.