Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This is Sharp

I was reading reviews a while back and decided to give this little gem a try. It is a do-it-yourself sharpener for rotary blades. Now we all know that those things are an expense -but we have to have them if we rotary cut. So I have some tips.

A. When your blade gets dull, flip it over and try it again. It seems we dull one side faster than the other. It can make a difference.

BUT - Better idea

B. Get one of these sharpeners-

I can see that it is worth the price. I sharpened my blade last night and WOW just like new. Be sure you have some sewing machine oil on hand. One little drop on the side you are sharpening makes this thing work a lot better. (and sharpen both sides!)Read the directions and use the appropriate side. If you blade doesn't have any nicks, no need to use the rough side.

C. Spend the money you save on rotary blades on more fabric!

a little update: Several people commented on using the oil - most didn't use it. Some wondered why. I got curious. The oil acts as both a lubricant AND a vehicle to carry away the grit and fine grindings from the blade. Thus the blade ends up sharper than if you didn't use it. I use sewing machine oil since I have it right there with my sewing stuff.



Pat said...

I have a sharpener and do find it prolongs the life of my blades. I seem to get another two uses out of them.....but then they need to be tossed. (It's still a lot better than getting only ONE use out of them!!!)

Rhonda said...

Gene, you have just reminded me that I have one of those little where did I put it.....LOL....thanks for the tip about using a drop of oil. I'll try that.

Needled Mom said...

Thanks for the hint about the oil as I have used that tool and never been too impressed with it. I'll give it another go with the oil.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I didn't know this existed!

Barb said...

I have one ofthose too but never used oil, I will have to try that.

Royce said...

I'd been wondering if these worked, great to know they are a good investment. I'll get one soon. Thanks

Raymond K. Houston said...

Yeah, I'm gonna have to give the drop of oil a try . . . thanks!!

hetty said...

I have one of those gadgets and use it all the time. It's great!Never thought to use oil though. I must try that.