Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bits and pieces make a whole

I used some leftover bits and pieces, blocks or parts of borders that hadn't been used.  I added a few leftover jelly roll strips.  After all I paid as much per square inch for those bits as I did per square inch for the yardage, now didn't I? So all those pieces make for a table runner that is certainly unique.  Will anyone buy it at the sale? who knows!  I can never figure out the buying public.

So for this piece I took the batting and used it as a foundation. I started at one end and sewed two strips down, face together with the LOOSE edges left at the end of the batting. (say they were 2 inches wide) When I ironed it open then the first 4 inches (minus seam allowance) were covered. Then I added a strip at a time ironing after each till I reached the other end.  Some of the strips, as you can see are pieced sets sewn or cut to the width of the runner.  This made it more interesting AND took up some of my "whadda I do with those pieces?" stash.

In the picture it is hanging from my room divider and I can see it is hanging crooked.  It is actually pretty evenly squared up. I don't fret that too much.  Some of the strips came out slightly wonky.  I decided to call that "charmingly unique."   OR "real folk art original"  yeah, you know kinda like Gee's Bend quilts.  After all, I am from Alabama.


Pat said... know I am more "symmetrical" in my tastes and "matchy-matchy", but.....I do have to say that this runner would go with ANY color someone has in their room. I'm sure someone will love this. I will have to remember this "pattern"....hehehe....when I have lots of matching leftovers!!! GREAT idea to use them this way!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...I think you mean Gene's Bend quilts!

quiltingnana said...

Gene's Bend is a great name for the quilt....very funny! I do like the folksy things

Julia said...

I love that you found a unique and clever way to use your scraps.

Anonymous said...

I'm becoming a big fan of table runners lately. I think they're a nice gift that's quilted without being too much! I hope it sells for you.

Sorry my brain is addled and I sent you a chicken recipe. (Not functioning on a whole lot of sleep) I will have to ask my Chinese friend if he has any more authentic recipes that don't involve foul poultry.

arlette said...

Hola Gene!, thank you very much for stop by my blog y muchas gracias por el comentario que me dejaste (thank you very much for your message), spanish is a easy to learn language, if you need help in that, just let me know, I'll be more than happy to help you, I'm your follower because I love your work, way to go!