Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ginger Jar Madness

There is a madness sweeping the land. It started (this round anyway) in American Samoa. The person known as "Quilter Zero" (as we would say in epidemiological terms "the index case") is none other than Barb at BEJEWELED QUILTS BY BARB. One case was spread directly to Pat at A Little of This and a Little of Pat when she (and I ) won Barb's giveaway. However, there are other cases that possibly spread by visual exposure like Barbara at Pinelands Patches

As you can see this is becoming epidemic! It is possible that it is a pandemic! My case is starting to develop. The first signs were today. Somehow, I became compelled to make a template and cut pieces with scissors (shock! not a rotary cutter!) This required possibly infecting my friend Serena (thanks Serena!) as she gave me info on templates. ---

---now you all probably have done templates for years and maybe even learned that way. This was a FIRST for me. I nearly freaked over it - honest truth. ----

As you can see I am definitely showing the symptoms of Ginger Jar Madness.

Now a word to Barb and Pat - because they may be wondering. I chose a background fabric that is a pale yellow. One of the pre-cut pieces blended in and would not make a jar that shows well. So I used this blue paisley to replace it. All my other jars will be from the pieces in the kit.

Special thanks to Barb, Pat and Serena. Ladies you are fantastic!


Pat said... chose a beautiful fabric as a replacement. And...I'm proud that you survived your frightening introduction to templates!!!

Needled Mom said...

Yes, I see the disease is spreading throughout the blogs. Nice work.

Barb said...

I didn't think that was one of the fabrics looks awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I love your ginger jar, the fabric is lovely; and I see that you blanket-stitched along the top edge -- adds a very nice touch!

Unknown said...

ok, i need to know why "barb, pat and serena" get a special thanks. i'm just a tad, OK ALOT bit jealous.......

Kim D. said...

Love you Ginger Jar, the fabric is gorgeous. I'm collecting fabrics so I can make this quilt one day. I'm not a template person either, wasn't even fond of them when I started quilting.