Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ginger Jar Update and how I spent New Year's Day

I just thought I would give you a little update on the Ginger Jar quilt.  I have gotten the top pieced and all together.  It still needs a border before it will be ready to quilt and finish but I think it is looking pretty good.
Don't look too close, I made an error or two.  Hey it is for me.  AND it has been a learning experience.

In other news, yesterday I went to a Ceilidh.  Now I know some of you are going "a WHAT?"   It is pronounced "kay -lee"  It is an Irish celebration with lots of music, fun, food and fellowship.   There were some amazing musicians there.  I only braved playing my penny whistle at the very end.  At that point EVERYONE was playing so you couldn't really hear me. Ha ha.  
I did play another instrument earlier in the afternoon.  That instrument is a bodhran. Again, "what?"  The bodhran is an Irish drum.  You hold it in one hand and beat it with a double ended stick.  Now that was fun to play.  I was surprised when I saw some of the video and heard myself playing it. (I was hidden in a corner so I wasn't visible in the video.
So now you know how I spent New Year's day.  I had a great time.


Pat said...

Your ginger jar quilt is looking really nice!!! I still only have 8 jars done. I have 3 swap commitments this month, so I need to put the ginger jars on the back burner now...and it didn't help that I lost so much time trying to sleep off whatever has gotten hold of me this week.

Needled Mom said...

Love the ginger jars so far. Great production for the new year.

The Irish celebration sounds like fun.

Unknown said...

i love your ginger's looking good.

Patty said...

Ginger jars are looking good. I'm jealous about the Ceilidh. Very brave of you to play... I think I would have been to intimidated.

Tangos Treasures said...

Wow the ginger jars look great!
The Irish celebration sounds fun!
Happy New Year!

Kim Brackett said...

Love your ginger jar quillt! Sounds like you had a fun New Year's Day. Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

I love your Asian fabrics and the way you have displayed the focus elements in each ginger jar. No errors are jumping out at me! My daughter (the Celtic studies grad student) brought a bodhrain back from Ireland last summer. It hangs on her living room wall and rarely gets played. Apparently it's not easy -- congratulations on your effort!

arlette said...

Your ginger jars came out really beautiful, congrats!, I love the quilt and the fabrics are lovely, and I don't see any error, it's difficult to make it?, glad you had fun in New Year!, btw Happy New Year to you!

Barb said...

You are just doing a super job on that Ginger jar quilt!!!

Glad you had a great time New Year's Eve.

Micki said...

My kind of celebration sound like you had a blast! The quilt is just lovely! I am in love with Asian fabrics, and what a great choice for the ginger jars.
From your Irish buddy,