Friday, January 29, 2010

The Sashing Incident (and more penny whistle)

A number of you commented on my sashing for the Signature Quilt. (picture on the previous post)
There is a story that goes along with how I came up with that sashing. I was going to make regular sashing with cornerstones. (some of you know that I don't really like having to match corners though)

So I cut the vertical sashing strips first.  The plan was sew them on the sides of the blocks and make the rows. I put in a movie and sat down to sew. I picked up a block and a strip and put them right sides together. Whooops!  They don't match!  OH NO! the strips are too short.  (!!! memory fail!!!! )  Yep I cut them 12 inches and the FINISHED block will be 12 inches. I needed 12.5 inch strips.  I stopped the movie. Ironed more fabric, cut LONGER strips and went back to the machine (ad the movie) I sewed a row.  Then two more.  I didn't cut enough strips.

So I decided to start on the sashing. I had pulled out some 4" charms to use as cornerstones. Hmmmm. One of the packs was all orange toned. Everything from dark orange to white will tiny orange designs was in it. FUN!
So, I thought. I sewed some sets of 3 charms. I sewed a set of three to one of the 12 inch oops strips. I repeated. I grabbed a row and measured against the two strip sets -- a little short. Okay so I added a set of two charms in the middle.  Hmmm just a little too long. GREAT!   I can trim those off after I attach the strips.  I sewed a couple more  of these horizontal strips then had to go to bed.

The next night I finished it.  OH, when I attached the horizontal strips, I matched the center seam of the sashing strip to the (rough) center of the block row.(middle of the middle square of the middle block!) I didn't pin, just held it in place and sewed.

Now, when I used the "oops" strips that were too short, I invented a name for that.  I call it rescue piecing.

Rescue piecing [res-kyoo pees-ing]:  Using those "oh crap I cut it wrong" pieces to make something that makes the quilt even better. 

 I think this sashing made the quilt better, based on reader comments. 


Pat said...

You are TOO funny.......from your description, the rescue piecing sounds harder than matching seams for cornerstones!!! LOL Nice to have that video of you playing. You are a man of many talents!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the lesson learned here is when things don't go well, get out the penny whistle! ;)

Unknown said...

how great and this time we got a video, lost me on the piecing stuff, but I love the penny whistle.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Well, I think you win!! If there is a Most Outragous Blogging Post you have now taken it from Kelly!! I think you two have way too much extra time on your hands.

thanks for the laugh!!

Barb said...

Sometimes it just ends up more work then we anticipated...but in the end it worked out wonderfully.

Tangos Treasures said...

I still think it's a great idea!
I have to come back & listen to the video, everyone is still sleeping & my luck the speakers will be on loud!

ooglebloops said...

Rescue piecing!! I love it!! And, now you have made me sad that I sold my penny whistle!! You sound just like the folks I hear at re-enactments-wonderful!!!

quiltingnana said...

your rescue piecing experience was fun to read ...but I think that is the great part of quilting...the old saying have lemons make lemonade...sometimes "mistakes" make beautiful quilts

Rhonda said...

Gene, I am laughing myself silly with your explanation of your new sewing it! Great PennyWhistle tune!!!

quiltmom anna said...

HI Gene,
You made me laugh out loud with your "O crap I cut them too short" -rescue piecing is a great name! I have miscalculated more than a few times- it is too frustrating for words- great to have a sense of humor about it!
You are a good problem solver too VBG- that's one of the benefits of quilting- you figure out how to solve the puzzles and miscues and miscalculations- I've decided that its one of my ways of keeping my mind sharp- or that is my story and I am sticking to it LOL
Thanks for sharing your experience with humor.
Happy quilting,


Clap, clap, calp, clap.
Rescue quilting, a great concept.

SewCalGal said...

So sorry about our quilting challenge, but it is nice to know it doesn't happen to just me! I'm sure you'll use your scraps for a delightful project and this quilt will be beautiful. Can't wait to see it when it is finished!


Pokey said...

Fun video this time! Congrats, Gene, on winning Sue's great giveaway!

Unknown said...

I love it!!! I always improvise on is kind of fun.