Saturday, March 13, 2010

Days go by

Gosh it has been days since I posted here.  We had some changes at work and I have been worn out when I get home. (yes it is true,  but it is still just an excuse!) I haven't gotten much sewing done. Haven't painted anything.   I have practiced on my penny whistle, but not recorded anything else.

I did sew one block for a block swap at the quilt guild (which I haven't joined, but am doing  a demo at in April.)

How about I just hold the block up to the screen and not have to take a picture?  No?  okay hang on, I will get the camera and take the picture JUST FOR YOU!

Darn it, I didn't see that small mis-match in the upper right until I took the picture.  Oh well!

Still it is an easy block to make and I am sure you can figure it out for yourself just by looking at the picture. 

Late addition:  Elaine Adair commented and I found her post go down to March 8th and 9th posts she shows HOW to make it (she did the color layout differently) and shows a cool setting .  Thanks Elaine!


quiltingnana said...

probably if you hadn't pointed out the mismatch it would have gone unnoticed!!

Bunny said...

Hi Gene it is so crazy I always see more of my work when I take a photo. It is like the quilt police are in the lens LOL. Hope your life at work settles for you. It is so nice for us that we are retired. Jobs today are so different so unstable, and give a lot of folks stress. Have a fun weekend.

Elaine Adair said...

Dear Gene - This has to be one of the more versatile blocks whose design possibilities goes on forever! Check out my version on March 9! I started to use it 'regular', then turned the HSTs around, then decided to add blue to the mix, then .... But ya know, your scraps do not diminish any measureable amount, dang it! I ha e 50 made and plan to make about 140 for a large quilt. LOVE that I'm using up a bunch of stash, that has no home.

Pat said...

I looked at your friend's blog and realized I do nearly the same "webbing" technique she described to make 9-patch blocks! I like the pattern that develops with this split 9-patch. Thanks for the link. Hope things settle down at work soon, too.

Rhonda said...

Cool block the colors!!!

Anonymous said...

"Split Nine-Patch", one of my favorites! Simple fabrics create a stunning display of color. Neat block!