Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'll get you my pretty! and your little dog too!

That's right!  it is from the Wizard of Oz.   do you want to win some Wizard of Oz fabric?  How does five yards sound?
Chris over at We love Quilting is having her April giveaway.    So rush right over and enter.   Tell her, the wicked err.......Gene Sent you.

Edited to add:  I can promise that the US Postal Service will NOT let Chris mail you one of her neighbor's dogs, so feel free to enter!

4 comments: said...

Gene, thank you and if anybody wants me to package them a dog and send it out to them let me know!!! It wont be Toto but I can guarantee it will bark and bite!!! My neighbors must have gotten a 100 in the last few days!!!!


Jandi said...

I am about to enter but now I am worried Chris might send me a yapping, biting dog.... dilemma.

Micki said...

Cute giveaway...Hope all is well with you!
Micki said...

Gene, you better check again.. The Postal Service will allow customers to mail chickens, bees, ducks etc. I will mark the dog box chickens!