Monday, June 28, 2010

Drunkard's Path

After getting the Accuquilt Go! cutter I realized that cutting shapes with it is WAAAY easier than using templates.  And it is nigh impossible to cut precise curved shapes with the rotary cutter. (yes it is possible, but you can wreck a blade quickly! don't ask me how I know...sigh!)   I was looking at the available dies for the cutter and saw the Drunkard's path die. I have seen quilts with some lovely layouts using it -and it makes CIRCLES with one layout.  Ooooh.... I like circles but don't like doing applique too much.

--Okay confession time:
--a.  I don't like pinning before I sew
--b. I don't like the time consuming part of sewing around applique.

---end of this confession session---

So, I was emailing with a friend and said "I would like to get the Drunkard's path die, but I am not sure about sewing those curves AND I am hesitant to spend the money."

Guess what?!?!  She has the die and had some cut.  Now this is one sweet, kind, supportive, creative lady I am talking about.  If you haven't been to her blog , you should go.It is - A Creative Life (one stitch at a time)   The lovely and talented lady is Royce.   Royce offered to send me some cut pieces so I could try it first.   (Thanks for your generosity my friend.)  Today I got them in the mail.  She even included a finished unit so I could see how it works.  She clearly pinned hers and was very precise.
I decided to sew mine without pinning.  Honestly it did not come out too badly.  I did notice that of the three fabrics in it, one of them (the cream color) stretched more than the other two and threw me off a bit.

REady or  not, here is what I sewed.  I  trimmed it down to a 12.5" block (mostly because I have a square ruler that size and it still left the circle.)
I am sure you can see that my pieces don't all match perfectly, but it isn't too bad.   Truth?  I don't like sewing the curved seams. I am glad to have found out before I bought the die to cut them.  However, I will use this piece for something.  I will probably stick it into a donation quilt and quilt a bit extra to disguise the mistakes.  

Oh yes, the patterns I posted yesterday with the chisels and triangles - I can't figure out how to make the block without a LOT of y-seams.  Back to the drawing board (on EQ that is.)  Y'all have a great day and make something creative. 

Oh yes! For those of you without a Go (or even those with one)- my adorable friend Joanne is giving away charm squares (also known as "nickels") that she cut with her Go! to show how fast it is. Read about it at Splitting Stitches Blog


Pat said...

That was very good that you found out BEFORE you bought that now you can use your money, instead, to buy a different one! Oh, yes...try to get rid of the Y seams on your designs!!!

sewfunquilts said...

That was sew nice of Royce to send you those to try out. I'm still thinking I'd like to have that particular die, as I love how many diff. ways you can play with the Drunkard's Path block.

Guess that answers your question about it, huh?

Anonymous said...

It's so interesting how much fun you are all having with your new EQ and cutter toys. ;)
I can't relate to these things, but I recognize a nice block, and this one is very pretty!

Rhonda said...

Your DP looks great. That cutter is really handy.

Barb said...

That is so smart of you to do that, Royce was wonderful to send those to you so you could try them. Your block turned out lovely but yes, if you don't like doing all that, the the die is not for you. I keep waiting and waiting for my new dies to come and well...they are taking the slow boat.

Thanks for the post.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Yo Gene....I don't pin either...and mine come out fine. I practiced with a few pieces of muslin first and then when my hands and fingers had the motion down....away I went.

Good on you mate!!!


BROOKE said...

Gene I don't have a GO but do have the drunkards path template. Not one to worry about all things precise I've found them to be very forgiving. I use the no pin method as well and I'm coming up with more matching seams than most my other stuff. Time Compare: It took me 2 hours to cut out enough template pieces to make 5 blocks (16 squares to make the block). I bet you have those cut in about 5 min. with the GO!

Stephanie Hughes said...

These look pretty great and I love the colors! Steph

Joanne Lendaro said...

hahaha!! I dont' pin either, my quilts might be a little more square if I did, but I hate pinning! Your circle looks great!! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Royce said...

Glad you were able to try this first. The dies are not cheep and you always want to make good choices on your purchases. The fabric I'd cut these out of is going to be a lap quilt for my hubby's grandmother. I did notice the white was a bit thin - the fabric was all free - I love free. Glad you could try it. I pin mine, but don't mind that part too much. I do have to admit that my little lap quilt will more than likely have some solid blocks in it too. I do think you did a really good job on the block thou. Looking forward to your next pattern too.

Sharlee said...

Love your color combinations,looks good to me...

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I don't think that chisel layout would have Y seams. Wouldn't you just do a partial seam on the first side, full seams the rest of the way around and then finish the first seam? I bought the chisel ruler, like the triangle ones I showed on my blog.

SewCalGal said...

I love the Drunkard's Path die and will NEVER make another Drunkard's path quilt without using this die. But it is a die that is very critical for accurate placement of fabric. I have a feeling the issue with your points isn't necessarily your stitching but that the original cut of the fabric, with this die, may not have had great placement from the start. Still, it looks great!


Petit Design Co. said...

you may want to look at the "curve master" foot. I have one and (hate to admit have only tried it once) it worked! Nonetheless I'm itching to use it, once I can get some of my to do list crossed off.