Saturday, July 10, 2010

Irish to the core!

As you all know, I love some Irish and Celtic music.  I even play the penny whistle (or at least try to play)

So I love all things Irish, except maybe haggis.   but let's not get distracted.

My friend Micki, over at Irish Muses, is having a second anniversary of blogging. Yaay for Micki.  She is a darling so I am sure you will enjoy her blog.   She is also having a giveaway with some awesome err awful don't bother to check it out.  I mean it is at this link  but you don't even need to go there.

Yeah, I confess, I want to WIN this one. I am entering to save you from winning those awesome err awful prizes.  I am kind and generous that way.  
So consider yourself warned.


Nancy said...

well. I for one hope you win it.
1. I don't fancy batiks
2. don't fancy pink
3. can't eat the candy
4. if i put my keys around my neck i will choke myself (and probably forget they are there anyway)
5. well. ok the sheep sounds cute...
so good luck

Micki said...

Hi Gene!
Nancy obviously doesn't want to enter..LOL, so that gives you more chance to win,. Yes, you do love the Irish. I believe that you are deep in your core a true Irishman at heart.
Thanks for being such a good friend, and back at you with the "I love you"...I will send it to you in Gaelic:Ta gra agam duit. There is supposed to be accent marks, but my darn keyboard can't do them.

Pat said... are too funny...and I needed a laugh after the way this week went for us! (You need to teach me how to cross things out in my blog posts, okay?)

Lindi said...

Well, I might enter, although why any of us bother competing against you, Mr Lucky, I can't imagine! LOL

Unknown said...

haha @ Nancy..........

Raymond K. Houston said...

Um, er, isn't haggis Scottish??