Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Special Notice - and another completion

Hi folks, I can't believe that I didn't tell you this, but I can't find it on my blog.  So first some background:  Those of you who have been faithful readers know that I did Konda Luckau's Jelly Roll Quilt Along as a participant.  I loved it. I have a nice top that I need to do something with soon.  Ha ha. 

Back in September, Konda announced a Layer Cake Quilt Along.  She mentioned that she did not have all the designers lined up for it.  I couldn't resist so I emailed and offered to design a block for the Quilt Along.  She said "Yes"  --  oh wow - Oh NO, now I have to design something really cool and pretty easy.  YIKES.   Okay, breathe!!!!!  

I did it.  I did a great (I think) job of writing it up.  If anything I went overboard on details.  Then, on October 19th, 7:22pm, right on Moose on the Porch Quilts blog , Konda listed the designers.  I am on that list.  Can you hear my heart beating a little faster?  Can you hear the extra lilt in my voice?  Well, maybe you can't but trust me on it.  I am very happy to be a part of this. 

One really cool thing is that along with the quilt along, there are some prizes! You have to make the block and post a picture to the Flickr pool to get a chance at the prizes, but you get a block made toward your quilt.  Of course this is a sampler quilt since each block is by a different designer.   I hope you join in the fun and make my block.  I think some of my close quilting buddies will be surprised! 

Now, about that completion: I took some nice scraps that I had in a zip lock bag and put them on my GO! 1 1/2" strip cutter and quickly sliced them. I had strips of different lengths but they were all 1 1/2" wide.   While I was watching some recorded television, I sat and pieced them.  I had my scissors close to trim lengths.   (yes I do still use scissors AND a rotary cutter on occasion!)  After I had some good sized pieces, I pieced them into the size for a journal cover.  I did the entire thing while catching up on recorded TV.   Here it is:

Asian Fabric Quilted Journal

I am showing both sides because I love the back as much as the front.  It could easily be used either way.


Pat said...

Oh, my....I am so happy to know one of the designers in the upcoming quilt-along. Congrats on being on that select list!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the much-deserved designer success! Also, I LOVE these scrappy stripped journal covers, front and back!

Barb said...

Glad to see you got your block done and are now breathing.....great job Gene...looking forward to more of your wonderful work!

Royce said...

Congrats on your block - you are a great designer! I also love your journal cover - will you be keeping track of your designs here? Need to check on your new videos too thanks for posting them I'v learned a lot more about the GO cutter from you.

Unknown said...

congrats you designer you!

Misty.Castagno said...

Congrats to you.. I am going to be following along for my first quilt along. So dont think you can go overboard on directions because sometimes it takes alot for me to catch on since I am just beginning.. LOL

Anonymous said...

super proud!
and love that journal cover.

Irina said...

Hi Gene! I'll be making your block so... I joined the quilt along. I'm sure it'll be beautiful, just by seeing all your work here!