Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Class -y Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I received an email asking if I would review an on-line quilting class "Quilting Quickly: Patterns, Techniques & Tips".   As I am always eager to learn, I took the class. This class is offered by sympoz. com  Sympoz uses internet technology to offer online classes at your convenience. These classes have interaction with the teacher and other students to some degree.  They also offer classes on other subjects such as finance and cooking.

I took the class "Quilting Quickly: Patterns, Techniques & Tips" and found it well done.  I will say honestly that I think it was a bit below my skill level. However for a beginner or someone wanting a basics course in quilt piecing, this is a good one.  All of the projects are done with pre-cut fabrics like charm packs, jelly rolls, etc.  I think for a beginner course it would have been great if there was a "Cutting 101" included.  Still, the things taught fit perfectly with the title of the course.  Also a number of nice basic patterns to make quick quilts are taught. 
The instructor was engaging, friendly and fun to watch. 

Now for the good- GREAT part!  I have two free classes to give away.  How about a class for the New Year?  This is open to everyone. I would say that there are a few of my readers who don't need it for themselves, but perhaps they have a  friend or relative that has said "I would like to learn to quilt" to whom they could give this class. (think -doesn't live close enough for us to sit down together) 
I also know, from emails with some of  the folks who have commented, that I do have readers who would really enjoy, grow and learn from this class. 

So here are the guidelines: 

Post a comment - if you are a "no comment" blogger I will NOT hunt you down.  You can however put an email in the comment just type AT for @ and DOT for the period to avoid spam-bots harvesting your address. 

Please do NOT blog about this as I want the winners to be from my normal blog readers.  (Hey, be happy! you are one of my readers. Ha ha.) You can privately tell a friend if you think they might miss this being so close to Christmas.   

I would like to hear if you want this for yourself or for a friend/relative.   
Creativity in your answer could help.  I will definitely do one by Random Number Generator. BUT I may decide to give the other based on a good and freative answer.    (Please don't beg, that won't help you a bit.) However, "pick me" is fine as PART of your comment.   

Gee, I sound like a grouchy old man.  Ha ha.  Some days I am. 

Entries will end at 3 p.m. Central time, USA, on December 24.   

Okay, I will TRY to pick and post  winners on Christmas eve.  However, that will be a pretty busy day for me.  So I will definitely try to pick winners by Sunday night. 

BONUS!!! If you don't win and wish to purchase the class, I can offer you a discount code for 60% off. 


A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Does this class only cover the piecing or are there binding instructions? I am hopeless at binding. HOPELESS!
And I am still so new, that I like any kind of class. I learn something new with each one.
I will not say "pick me", except I just did. :)

Still loving reading your posts and seeing your projects!

Melissa ;-) said...

Cool, Gene!! I have a friend who makes the loveliest purses. She has been avoiding quilting though many of us have nagged and nagged. She even won a Go! and gave it away!!! But she has finally broken under the pressure and is learning to quilt. In fact, the lady to whom my friend gave the Go! just won my give away for the IHAN certificate and sent it to my friend who I think was going to buy rulers for squaring up. I think she's hooked now and I'd love to enable her more!! So while I am saying "pick me", what I really mean is "pick my very worthy friend"!!!
BTW - is that quilt from the class? It is very pretty (and that is NOT a kiss up!)

Pat said...

Gee.....now HOW do I answer your question: Would this be for me OR for a friend? I am going back and forth on this one, because I'm not sure if you mean the two classes you're giving away are the one YOU took...or are there other choices? If you said this class was maybe a bit too simple for you, I am thinking since you and I are pretty much on a par with each other, that maybe it would be too simple for me. SO...if it's this same class you are giving away, I would be a "good guy" and give it to a friend. IF, on the other hand, there are some classes you think would be challenging for me, I am perfectly capable of being selfish enough to keep the win for myself. LOL (Might not be a creative answer, but...do I get points for being honest???)

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Hey Grumpy Old Man...LOL....I don't have time for the class but I just wanted to say how very cool I think on-line classes are. There is a gal in our guild who has taken lots of quiltingn classes on line and I just think that is so convienient.

By the way....you didn't sound grumpy to me....you get to set the rules...it's your blog...and I always like to read the fun comments too!

One of your regular readers

Unknown said...

As I TRIED to say before, I am always looking to improve my piecing, AND I love a great giveaway!
Merry Christmas, Gene!
From Mary


Donna M said...

I had just watched a YouTube video this morning introducing Sympoz claases. Interesting! I would love to win! Thanks.

Linwood & Margaret said...

I NEED this lesson and I would LOVE to win it. Thanks for the chance.

Cyndi said...

Hi Gene! I'm Cyndi...Melissa's friend of whom she spoke of in her comment. And yes, I have had a love affair with quilts, but have been too "shy" to pursue my interest (translated - scared to death to try!). I only started sewing about 5 years ago and have taught myself all I know (which is really not much but I'm trying!). I have been making handbags for those said 5 years and am now ready to try my hand at quilting! So I would absolutely LOVE to win an on-line quilting course...and the fact that it's more for beginners is right up my alley!

Oh, and does it help that I'm from the South? Although I live in Ohio, I'm from Baton Rouge, LA and am headed there tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family! See, we're practically neighbors! LOL!

Wishing you and your family the most joyous and blessed Christmas and all the best for the New Year!



P.S. I'm now following you, too!

Leah said...

Thanks for the review. I'd previously seen the site and was interested in the course, but was unsure about it - having never taken an online sewing course.

Have a great Christmas

Jodi said...

Being self-taught, I have lots of bad habits that cause big problems, so a beginner's course is just what I need! Thanks for the chance!

Colleen said...

This sounds like fun.
I love pre cuts.

Greg said...

Being an organic quilter such as yourself, and seeing that it is the Christmas season, if I'd be lucky enough to win, I'd give it to a friend of mine who wants to try quilting but doesn't know where to begin.

You the man, grumpy or not!

Miss Hillbilly said...

Hi Gene!
I am not interested in winning at all. I don't even have many friends outside of blogland. So why am I commenting? Because I know the instructor personally. She is a sweetheart and I just wanted to say she is great to learn from!

On the rare occasion that I get to buy fabric (I have a big stash) I buy from her store. They are quite famous for the online daily deal. Their website has a nice quilters forum too. If you visit...tell them Hillbilly sent you.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the class.

I would love to win a class for a friend of mine. She takes cares of her invalid father and isn't able to get out much. Usually just one afternoon a week to get groceries and such. She is one special lady and uses the computer to keep in touch with friends. I know she would absolutely love it!
Thanks for a great giveaway!

Rhonda P.
rhondakp AT gmail DOT com

Unknown said...

I could probably use it, being self taught and all, what is that class on? Basics?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I just gave a hand-me-down sewing machine and quilt-making supplies to my daughter who has fun dabbling in creating things with fabric, so she would most likely be the one to benefit from such a class. Unless, that is, the class given was more advanced and something that I need to learn! Either way, someone would use it here, thanks!

Petit Design Co. said...

you're too funny you grumpy old man. bah humbug.
:) Have a Merry Christmas! (don't enter me) or better yet if you draw my number give it to the very last person who commented :) I've seen number 1 win but I bet the last one wins less often

Patti Williams said...

Hey Grumpy Old Man, Love the quilt!
I would love to win!!
Pick me, pick me!!

Marcia W. said...

You cannot be a grumpy old man because that would make me an even worse grumpy old woman! Merry Christmas to you and your Dad. Oh! liked your quick gifts (most the time I read and don't leave a trail). If you draw my number, please award it to number 14's friend. I was my father's caregiver and know what it is like.

SewCalGal said...

Thanks for doing this, as I do like the ability of taking classes from home, and I wasn't aware of this program. Sounds interesting.


MJ said...

Opps... I would love the classes too and since I am a newer quilter, any help I could get would be much appreciated!! Thanks Again!!! Cheers

Micki said...

I would love to give this to a friend who is a beginner quilter.
Sounds like it would be fun for someone new to quilting.