Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Reply makes me sad

Yesterday the second commenter asked a question.  Sadly, Teresa is a "no-reply" blogger, so I can't answer her directly. 
The cutting mat in the video is an Alvin mat that was originally bought for art, not quilting. I also have a green Olfa (I think) cutting mat. 

I have several brands of rulers. The ruler in the video is a Quilt Sense ruler. My favorite is an Olfa Frosted Advantage; it doesn't slip and it easy to read on both dark and light fabric. I also have rulers by June Tailor and OmniGrid.

Different brands of rulers have different strong points. Only you can decide which one you like best.  I have seen two others that I would love to try. One is the Cutting Edge ruler which actually sharpens your rotary blade as you cut.  I would love for them to send me one to review, preferably a 6 1/2" by 24" OR a large square.  (just sayin....) 
The other I would like to try is the True Cut ruler by the Grace company.  It needs the True Cut cutter to work properly. It has a track on the ruler that the cutter rides on to keep your cuts true and straight. Again, if the Grace Company would like to send me one to review, I would be most happy to try it and give an honest review. 

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quiltmom anna said...

Hi Gene,
It is too bad when someone doesn't leave an email address to provide a response to their comment.
At present we are having a slightly different problem. We just changed service providers and I am trying to figure out how to get my comments emailed to me - they used to come and now they just go to my old email address which is a large pain - not so much on my own blog because I can read the new ones on the blog but for the ones that I have commented on- I am sure it is a setting issue but I am not sure where to check.
It shows my new address when I log on but it is obviously not changed somewhere... ah the joys of computers..
As for rulers- I have lots of different types of rulers but have not tried the one that has the self sharpening edge to it.
One of my blog friends Carolyn of Vegetarian Hunter just got one so I am looking forward to hear how she likes it.
It is snowing here - hope you have had a nice quilty weekend.