Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Work Done and Sewing too!

Whew!  Today has been something.  I have a new water heater installed and no more leak - Can I hear a hooray? My credit card has steam rising off of it still. I did not realize how much that would cost, but I do love a hot shower, so I am sure it is worth it. 

I have been doing the GO! Quilt Along at Quilt Possible! hosted by Ebony Love.   Block 4 is simply the Tumbler Block - and I am glad I have the die for it.  I would hate to have to hand cut those. We cut 12 blocks of our light neutral  and 19 of our dark neutral.  Here they are sewn together as instructed. 
Now, while those look nice, they aren't that pretty without the lovely colors to pop out from the neutrals.  (Quick Lesson - neutrals add a resting place for the eye and let the colors have center stage. However, as you look at these - just the contrast from light next to dark also makes a little bit of a pop. Those two rules can make your quilts go from aaaahhhh to WOW!) 
You know I like to show some color, so here is a wonderful surprise I got in the mail a week or two ago.   

Isn't this an adorable little bouquet?  It is photographed sitting on the arm of my sewing machine.  Why do I have a bouquet on my sewing machine?  

Well you see it has a secret. Look!

Each of the flowers is a pin,  How is that for clever?
One of my adorable followers, who I count as a friend, sent this to me. You can find her blog at Frummie's Quilted Garden.  Thanks Frummie. I love it.

Oh yes, please if you haven't already, GO! and vote in the AccuQuilt Barn block contest.  You can also write a review for the block if you wish. Here is my block. 


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I agree, a hot shower is worth the steam coming off the credit card! :)
Love that darling pincushion! Too sweet.
Love your block Gene!
xx, shell

Frummie said...

I am so glad you like the pin cushion Gene.

You have given us all so much inspiration. Your tutorials are wonderful.

Keep up the great work.


Vicki @ DottyJane said...

I love your block and voted for it! Hot showers are not overrated:)

Tangos Treasures said...

Yippee for hot water!!! Love the runner & pin cushion!!

GerryART said...

Ahhh, the pleasures of being a home owner. There's never just one thing :^)

I've on this laptop and will go vote with my netbook and then give a try to vote via my NookColor ereader.
be right back

Anonymous said...

yeah hot water heaters are pricey
but i agree ya can't live without them.

that tumbler block has some real motion to it.

Barb said...

I so love the tumbler blocks and the colors you have chosen.....

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Adorable pin cushion. I don't have the patience to fiddle with those little bits of ribbon. Thankfully there are others who enjoy it and do a wonderful job.

Rhonda said...

Hot water is definitely something special! Glad you're back in hot water....hehehehe

Inch Worm Fabrics said...

I like your tumblers and those are the cutiest pins I have ever seen, what a nice gift.