Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Color my world

I haven't mentioned the embroidery machine lately, but I have used it a few times.  I totally messed up an inexpensive polo that I bought to put a work logo on.  I am trying to figure out a way to salvage it. Ha ha. I pulled a few holes in it trying to remove the crooked embroidery. 

While I was using the machine, I realized that I was pretty limited in colors of embroidery thread.  Here is what I had already and some of it is not embroidery thread. 
There are some spools of quilting thread in there and a couple of metallics that I don't even know why I have - but I plan to use them.  Oh my, there are five six spools of  gold toned embroidery threads in there. (yeah, I love gold thread.) In the back left corner there is a variegated that doesn't show well in the picture but does an excellent stitch-out.  

There is no green embroidery thread - and only two spools of green at all. Yikes, you can't do flowers with stems or leaves without green!  (okay so you can do them in other colors, but people look at you funny.) 

I needed some more thread. So, I ordered a little bit. 
There are three greens - and one of them is variegated -yum! Since my niece is expecting another little girl (due in July) I got three shades of pink,  several tans, oranges, purples and blues. (okay so the blues are probably for me!) 
They were out of stock on the darker browns I wanted. Oh!  That means I get to shop again! Yaaay.  But, where will I put all this thread?  My thread boxes are f-u-l-l ---yes they are!  I seriously need one of those wall thread racks.  I guess it will go on my Christmas wish list. 


VickiT said...

Oops. Forgot one things. To fix that hole you created you can try stitching the design onto felt and then trim around the design really closely and use it as an applique patch.

VickiT said...

Hey, at least you were brave enough to try doing the shirt. A hint for you ~ next time make a run to the Salvation Army thrift store or whatever is near you and see if you can find a piece of clothing similar to the one you want to embroider on. That way you can test the tread, design and stabilizer since any one of those things can create a mess. What stabilizer did you use? For a shirt that stretches which I assume that may have done, you want to use a sticky stabilizer to restrict any stretch that would distort your design.

Removing stitches ~ I'm not sure what you use but these tools are something I would kill anyone that tried to walk out of my sewing room with:
Stitch remover ~ THE best thing since sliced bread! Seriously! just be careful as these things are extremely sharp as you would imagine.

To grab a thread on the back of your design you want to remove, these are awesome. Grab the thread as opposed to the shirt (LOL) and then ship with those scissors below or the seam ripper. Works wonderfully. I've never cut through my fabric in any design I've removed. In all fairness however, since starting machine embroidery I've only had to remove one design. (sorry)

Snip-eze scissors - expensive but SO worth the cost.

I'm telling you if you buy those three tools you will be reaching for one or the other for everything. My tweezers are in front of my machine all the time because I grab the tiny bobbin thread under the presser foot to pull it up further if wanted. Works great.

You should see the threads I have Gene. I'm afraid you would probably fall over. Just a quick glance toward them I counted 9 boxes and there are a few others below my direct eye sight. ALL are embroidery thread. But, I am willing to bet you would put my quilting thread stash to shame with yours. LOL

Royce said...

What yummy thread colors, you can never have enough (like fabric)

Tangos Treasures said...


Micki said...

I just posted an embroidery quilt that I made. I have a Madeira collection of threads, which I can highly recommend. Good luck with the embroidery !

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Great selection of threads. I always seem to be missing the "perfect" color in my three FULL drawers of thread.

Pamela Kieffer said...

If I had known a couple of months ago you wanted a thread rack I would have sent you two. I disposed of them because I needed the space on my wall for more important stuff. I have always keep my thread in a box or drawer, "they" say it best for thread to be kept out of the sunlight. Some of the thread in that drawer goes back to 1968, it some my sister bought when I was amking her a dress. Pam

Pat said...

Great collection of new threads! I'm sure you'll master getting that work logo on a shirt very soon.

sewfunquilts said...

I finally am on blogger again, bought a camera, so can post pictures. The only problem with those hanging thread the dirt, dust, cat hair getting on your threads, not counting the deterioration from the sunlight. I keep mine in several 'matchbox cars' plastic cases, sorted by color. think about it...???