Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Dabbling

This weekend I did a few creative things.  While I was cleaning up the studio area, I found an old "start" of a painting.  My muse struck and I felt a need to work on this piece.  It was started as a non-objective work but I couldn't find the magic in it that way.  In the early morning hours Saturday I awakened and just reflected.  A crystal clear moment  happened - I knew where it was going - or at least the next step.  

I went back to sleep. When I woke up and arose, the idea was still clear.  Later in the morning I did a bit of painting.  This morning (Sunday) I did a bit more.  

Here is what it looks like just at the moment. 

One of my FaceBook friends called it "Lonely Cowboy at Sunset" - I like that.  I don't guide my paintings, I let them guide me whenever possible.  We shall only see where it goes from here. 

I also managed to make  another little zipper pouch. 

What is that it is sitting on?  Could that  be a quilt?  Yes it is, it is a quilt back to be exact.  But you are only getting to see some of it here.  The yellow strip is near the center and and the ends are very similar.  This is going to be the back of the convergence quilt. 
And that is what I did creatively this weekend.  What creative endeavor did you undertake?


Unknown said...

woohoo, another zippered pouch, nice..

Barbara said...

Don't you love those epiphany moments, especially at night? I like the result and the title suggested too! My creative moments this weekend were spent entertaining our 2 grandchildren (7 and 4), and I'm exhausted!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Wonderful painting. I see so many things happening - my imagination just went all over the place.
Most of the great ideas that I have at night are lost by morning - lol! Yours took you in a wonderful direction.
Great zippered bag. And I love the quilt backing - so perfect for the convergence quilt.

ooglebloops said...

Love your painting - it has a hint of P. Buckley Moss about it....