Sunday, June 05, 2011

Design Change

While I got some great comments on yesterday's quilt, the design wasn't quite "me."  So I played a bit and made a change. This will also help me work it out with my quilting method. I will quilt it in two parts then join the two pieces. So sashing was in order to "hide" my construction trick. 
You did know that "colorful" is my style, right?   While this is the basic design, The fabrics I had on hand weren't exactly like this.  The aqua blocks will be replaced with a purple and red print. I will find some aqua for the sashing, when I get that far. (I hope I have some buried in my stash, otherwise, I may have to shop. )
The blocks will look something like these below.  I haven't sewn any of the together.  I have just made some of the parts. Sorry I didn't have them all really neatly laid out.   Anywho, here they are.


Red-Purple print
The other red one. 
The one with the 4 patch middle is in yesterday's post. 
I cut lots of pieces for this.  I think it will be a great quilt and I do believe the recipient will LOVE it. 


Tangos Treasures said...

Love it!!

Barb said...

Are we seems we both love the brght colors....the receipent will absoutely love it.

Mary said...

This is going to be a beautiful quilt.

Donna said...

Striking! My home decor colors are muted greens, blues, pinks etc. but I prefer to sew with the brights like your quilt. Go figure! That is probably why most of my finishes are for someone other than me.

Unknown said...

I just love these blocks! This IS going to be a great quilt. Keep the pics coming!

Barbara said...

Everyone knows you are a lover of color, it's one of your signatures; but what I don't get is why your last name is Black.

Pat said... that comment about you loving color but your last name being Black. :) I'm sure the person who will get this quilt (and loves color) will be bowled over by this, Gene. It's fantastic!!!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your blocks are so bright and happy! You are going to have another amazing quilt :)

SewCalGal said...

Lucky recipient. I'm sure they'll love it. Beautiful prints & colors.


Micki said...

I love bright colors know that. Lovely blocks!