Sunday, June 12, 2011

Secondary Designs (& a peek!)

One of my joys in quilting is finding secondary designs.  I was looking at the commission quilt (previous post) and saw this secondary design created by the block and the sashing. 

How cool does  that little "block"  look?   I did some playing with the image and did a "mini quilt" image from it.  When you make this block in multiples and join them there is yet another secondary design.  

Ha ha...but now I see that the "center" of this is an actual block, so you could just make that block and sash it. 
Or you could make the secondary block and sash it. That would give you this quilt.
Floating four patches. 
The floating four patches should be pretty easy to make.  I hope someone makes at least a small one and blogs it.  I would love to see it done.  If not, I may make a small one later and do a tutorial. 
Okay, I suppose this gives you a little idea how an artist/designer's mind works.  Scary isn't it?

Oh yes, I sewed the vertical sashings on the blocks and sewed the horizontal rows.   I put it on my design floor and put the horizontal sashing strips across it so I could have a little audition of how it will look.  The horizontal sashing strips have to be measured and trimmed to fit before they are sewn ignore the ends hanging off or not even.
Oooh... pretty.  I want to keep it. Sigh!  I will just have to enjoy it while I have it.  I am filing this "slightly strange" color combo away in my head because I love it. I haven't decided on backing yet. I am thinking maybe a scrappy backing using some of the leftover pieces along with some other fabrics.  


Christina said...

It looks grand! I really like the floating four patches too

Tangos Treasures said...

Love it!!! Love the floating four patch too!

Pat said...

I love designs that float and my salad quilt will be a floating design when it's completed.

Barb said...

What an awesome quilt...I don't blame you for wanting to keep it.

Barbara said...

Very colorful, so no surprise you'd like to keep it. Wondering how the "back art" will turn out, good ideas are flowing for that.

Kim said...

Love your colors and how they flow across the surface. I think this is how serial quilts love the pattern and just make it over and over with little tweaks here and there.

Happy sewing