Saturday, July 30, 2011

Loveliness In my Mailbox

The internet can be a "scary" place, but it can also bring people together that would never have met otherwise.  Perhaps you recall that I went to Atlanta and met the two Pats - one from Atlanta and one from Delaware.  We had a lovely time. 

I have developed many friendships of various levels.  With my blog and internet friends, I have laughed and cried.  I have shared in joy, sorrow and jest. So even though it was a surprise that one of my friends sent me a lovely box (and prefers to remain anonymous) it was not out of character for a friend to do such a thing. I must say that it cheered me up-made me smile and gave me new inspiration. 
Just look at this:
Besides the lovely box, there are some goodies I have never tried in there.  There is an air-erase fabric marker, flower head pins (which I have kept forgetting to buy), a Fons & Porter glue stick, a package of Wonder Clips, Ashby's of London chamomile tea (delicious by the way) and some Blooms titanium scissors by Wescott.  Okay, so I have tried scissors - but these have a lanyard and cover, so you can slip them in the cover and hang them around your neck.  I did a little hand sewing today (yeah - shocking isn't it) and I never lost my scissors because they were hanging around my neck.  I love them! There is also some Heat and Bond Lite in there. That will certainly get used!  Then there was a sweet and lovely card with a written sentiment that I will cherish.  Thank you - you know who you are!

Then a FaceBook friend Sherry, posted that she had a AccuQuilt GO! die that she had used for an experiment with her AccuQuilt Studio cutter.  She was done with it and wanted to give it a new home. (lucky me!)  I spoke up-and I suppose I was the only one- and got it.  It came out of the package like this:

Okay, the ribbon was neatly tied around the cloth covered die.
Oh, I should tell you that it is an Isosceles Triangle die.   

There were also some fun Adornments fibers in with it. 

What a delightful mail day it was!  Now I confess that I don't have a plan for those Adornments yet..but I am sure I can make something for the two princesses, don't you think?  Thanks so much, Sherry. 

Friends are a delight without any presents received. The gift of friendship is the best gift.  But, like a child I rejoice in surprises.  I hope you find a delightful surprise coming to you someday soon. 
Peace be with you, 


Pat said...

YAY for good mails days and great internet friends!!! Enjoy your goodies! (And what in the world were you hand-sewing?? LOL)

Gene Black said...

I had to hand sew the edges of the label on the quilt. I fused it down but since I turned the edges under they didn't stick. LOL. Next time I will iron the edges of the patch under BEFORE I apply the fusible...but I will probably still stitch it down.

Tangos Treasures said...

Awesome for you!!

ooglebloops said...

Love those happy mail days!! You had a great one!!!

Barb said...

Bloggers are just awesome, glad you got these goodeis to brighten up your day....and I can only guess at who sent your that fabulou package and she is awesome!

Miss Hillbilly said...

Aw, Gene, you deserved some surprises! Those are great ones!