Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making Binding

Yesterday I posted about layering and basting the quilt.  I mentioned that I had to be creative to make the backing bigger. My creative solution required using some of the fabric  I brought to cut into binding strips.  Luckily there was LOTS of it on the mini bolt. 

So, in the afternoon, I cut the binding. (remember my video!)  Then I sewed the pieces together and ironed it all.
After the ironing, I needed to roll it neatly to take home.  I found an old plastic prescription bottle and used that to wind it on. I will punch holes in the ends and put some yarn thru it.  Then I can hang it around my neck when I sew it on the quilt, rather than letting it fall in the floor.  Why?  Well you see, I won't roll my chair on it or put my feet on it and mostly I won't stretch it -it is bias. 

After I had rolled up part of it, I realized I needed a picture.  So here is some of it in a pile on the floor as I was winding it. 
( it looks blue in this picture, but it really is deep purple.)
Yes, that is only a part of the pile.  I cut lots of binding. I prefer to have leftover.  I can use it on a small project OR take several leftovers and join them for a scrappy binding. 
After I finished rolling it on the bottle, I put a pin in to hold it from unwinding.  Here is what it looks like. 
How do you deal with binding?  Do you cut it on a bias? (hint- you should! Read why in this post)  Do you hand sew it on?  (I confess I do it all by machine

A couple of people asked about basting with hairspray.  Are you interested in it also?  I am considering writing a tutorial on it. I confess I have never used the 505 basting spray but I think the hairspray is a lighter hold.  I just know that it works for me. 


Tangos Treasures said...

Nice! I use a piece of those noodles you use to swim with. Just run a ribbon thru it!

Sherry said...

I would love to hear more about hair spray. Tango Treasure also had a great idea.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Using a pill bottle is a great idea. I'm always either rolling over my binding or the one of the dogs are laying on it. I still haven't tried the bias binding (yes, I know I should). And I ALWAYS hand sew my binding. Thanks for all of your tips and clever ideas.

Royce said...

I roll my binding up and then set the roll to the right of my quilt (in the machine throat) and unroll as I sew it on. I do both the machine and hand sewing on the second side. I've just recently started hand sewing and it does take some time. I think it's good either way. I always make extra binding too and have a little basket of the left overs - someday I'll make a scrappy quilt and have the binding all ready.

VeeV said...

i use straight binding - never tried bias... your tutorial is great and easy to follow.
i also sew my binding on completely by machine - i don't have the patience for any hand sewing... having to sew a button on a garment when it's come off is the extent of my hand sewing.
i have never heard of using hairspray for a basting reasonable. i use 505 all the time, and love it.... i panic when i get down to the last 2 tins...... have to look for the next supply on sale..
as always,
love your blog