Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Another Jam

The figs are still producing so I haven't had time to do anything but make jam to use them up. 
Yesterday evening I made some "orange marmalade" fig jam. For that I used orange jello and some added real orange flavoring.  Oddly I only got four jars out of that batch. 
Tonight I got more daring. I used lemon jello, the juice of two limes, some lemon flavoring and some powered ginger.  So these will be lemon ginger fig jam.  This made six jars and there was some left over that I put in a container to use right away. 
Cooking it down
Cooking it down
Cooking it down

Boiling water bath

And  finally:
All sealed up- Lemon Ginger Fig Jam  
(and yes it is tasty! I had to "clean" the pan!)


Pamela Kieffer said...

We have two fig trees but never produce enough for jam. Yours sounds just scrumptious. Come winter it bring summer back to the breakfast table.

Tangos Treasures said...

Wow sounds yummy!

Barbara said...

I agree, sounds very yummy!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

You are becoming a fig jam chef! You are going to have a great selection of flavors in your cupboard.

Barb said...

I can just see you doing the cleaning....

Marsha said...

I've canned tomato's and Georgia Peach's. I love canning when I lived on the farm. Just do a little canning now.