Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Just a little sewing play time

Since I finished the commission quilt (and sent it on its way) I have not started any new projects.  Life has been busy.  But I have had a couple of times to play with the sewing machines.   

I told you that my friend. Sherry. sent me a new die.  So I took some fabric and cut pieces to play with. I also added some triangles to finish the block. I made this block:
I didn't get all the points in the center exactly perfect, hmmm could have been that I was watching a movie and didn't get up to iron at every step along the way. 

I also did this cute embroidery applique on a burp cloth for my great niece. 
Isn't that little duck just adorable?  I can see doing a baby quilt with this set of "baby animals" that I got from emblibrary.com (that link will take you to the baby animals.)

Don't forget about the Quilting Stimulus where you can register for half price quilting. I meant to mention that I had a quilt quilted by Joanne and she did a lovely job.  Remember if you go, tell her I sent you!


Pat said...

Love that duck! And....what do you mean you don't iron at every step of the way? I am stunned by that.....LOL

Barb said...

How do you think I ran over my finger???? HA!!! watching TV while sewing. Love the duck ...

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Love the colors in your block! The ducky is so adorable. Thanks for the link to Joanne's Quilting Stimulus!!

Barbara said...

I also love the colors in your block! Very, very pretty together!