Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Camp and Quilting

Have you ever been to summer camp?  I remember going to a church summer camp as a child.  We had lots of fun and met interesting people.  So, for me, camp is  a good memory.

If I said "Accuquilt, Fons &  Porter and" what would you think of?  Summer camp? Okay maybe not. 

However, there is something fun coming happening starting today.
Those three companies are hosting Camp Quiltalong.  Now that sounds like a camp I would like! And there are prizes available in the  Camp Quiltalong Prize Giveaway.   

So join in some campfire fun for a chance to win great prizes totaling over $1500!  Fons & Porter,, and AccuQuilt have teamed up to provide us all with a huge giveaway on Facebook. 

Simply “Like” these Facebook pages and gain access to all three sections of a secret code that unlock your chance to win!  Follow the camp trail on the bottom of each sponsor’s page and it will take you to the next campground to retrieve the next section of code.  Once you’ve captured all three pieces of the secret code, go to and enter the full code to register to win!   Your summer camping trip begins at AccuQuilt, so get GO!-ing at!/accuquilt?sk=app_10467688569

I have to tell you that I already "like" two of  those three companies on FaceBook.  Now I am off to "like" Fons and Porter (I didn't know they were on FaceBook) so I can get entered. I love prizes!

Let's go Camping!

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Heather said...

How exciting!! Thanks for letting us know!!