Wednesday, August 31, 2011

UFO - working toward a finish

Do you have UFOs at your house?  I have several.  I remember that I had this one and it definitely needs to be finished for my big sale in November.  This quilt was a quilt-along top in a Layer Cake quilt along.  I worked as a designer and designed one of the blocks. 

Tonight (after my day job!) I pulled out this top, some quilt back muslin and some Warm and White batting and got started.  I pressed the muslin and the top first. Then I started layering. I used my infamous hair spray basting spray. But since this is a larger lap quilt, I also added some pin basting. 
Here it is all layered and basted. 
Don't you love that ziggy-zaggedy border?  I used my Accuquilt GO and the parallelogram die and a matching sized triangle die to make it.  Which block did I design?  Look at the second row down -middle block. I think I have the pdf I wrote for that block if you want it.
Might take me a couple of days to find it though. 
For the pin basting, I just used my sewing pins and some of those soft earplugs to anchor them so I don't stick myself. 
Here is a closeup. 
I don't know if you can see them - there are four in this picture but I can only see three. I got the purple ones because they were on sale - and they show up pretty well on most things.  I put the pins in about every 12 inches. With the spray basting, I think that will be plenty. 

For now it is rolled up and ready to be quilted. 

Oh yes, that little art quilt I made - well I sold it the first day.  I took it to show some co-workers and one of them bought it for her bedroom.  She was all excited about it. I know it will have a great home. 

So how many UFOs do you have? Or are you like me and totally uncertain, but know there are some?


Pamela Kieffer said...

Love the quilt. They make it so easy for quilters today. I remember when we used scissors and cardboard for templates. I guess that was before your time.

Royce said...

Hum UFO's I don't like them a bit, I have a real nag on my machine right now - it's been there 2 weeks - so sad. I also have 2 hidden away (out of shame) in plastic boxes in my hobby room. They call me but I try not to listen.

JJ said...

I am uncertain how many UFO's. It isn't like I didn't have enough of my own but I have some of my daughters also. Happy quilting.

Unknown said...

I remember when you were working on that quilt. LOVE that border! I do have a couple UFO's sitting around. They will make good winter time projects I think. It's funny, when I first started quilting (nearly a year ago) I thought I would never start a new project before finishing another. THAT plan lasted about a month!

ooglebloops said...

More UFO's than I care to think about - including Linda's birthday signature blocks!!Shame on me!!!!
I love this quilt- you are the color king!!!
Did I miss something - big sale in Nov???

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Congrats on the quick sale! I knew it wouldn't last long in your inventory.
Your quilt is going to look amazing with the zig zag border.
Your block was one of my favorites in that QAL.

Melissa ;-) said...

Great quilt, Gene. And I love the earplug idea. Keep 'em coming!

Pat said...

Oh, no, you don't....I am NOT counting my UFO's. I counted them a year or so back and was amazed (and disgusted!!!) I am not ever counting them again! Good idea with the earplugs and the regular pins. I use the hairspray to baste quite a bit, too. What size triangle goes with the parallelogram die?

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Sometimes I think I'm trying to see how many UFOs I can get....grin. I love making the blocks and often wander off to a new project. I have lots of unquilted tops as well.

Still hoping to win the lottery and get me a long arm. I better hurry up. The only surprise I got this year was my Medicare card.


Billie in TX