Thursday, September 01, 2011

September is National _(Two things go here)__ Month

Read all of this please!  The second thing is on down the page. 
Today I found out that September is National Preparedness month. Since I work in emergency preparedness, I had to share that with you. Are you ready for an emergency or a disaster?   No?  I consider you my friends so I am offering these links to places that tell you some things to do to prepare. -tells you how to make a kit, plan and be informed. has similar information and maybe a bit more of it.  I love the videos with Jamie Lee Curtis 

Another thing I found out is that this is National Sewing Month.  (Thanks Kelly at IHAN)
She challenged us to write a letter or card to the ones who gave us a love of sewing/quilting.  For me that would be my Grandmothers who are both gone.  However, my blog readers and other bloggers continue to inspire me and feed my love of quilting and sewing.  So I am writing this "card" to say Thank YOU!   You are an inspiration to me.  Those of you who comment frequently help me to find clarity or else inspire me to try something different.  
So I say "Thanks to you all, I really do appreciate you."


quiltingnana said...

yes, we do have our "preparedness" plan...since my son has a degree in emergency mgt. we have to

Two great things to celebrate this month!

Sue said...

Gene, you are so inspiring. The only thing I'm prepared for is sewing. Does that count.

Tangos Treasures said...

I'm mostly prepared for hurricanes. Will check out the links! Thank you!!

Barb said...

Thanks Gene for the reminder to be prepared.....and inspire us as well.

Unknown said...

Hmmm, not so prepared, I guess. I'm like Sue, I'm prepared to sew! I will work on getting prepared for the things that are considerably less fun!
I think I would have to thank all the cool people who live inside my computer for giving me my love of sewing. That means YOU, Gene! So thanks for that too!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

We have our earthquake kit (or coffin as we call it since it sooooo big) all ready in case of an emergency - well, we actually have two. Costco had such a great price on them with everything you needed that we couldn't pass up the deal.
Thank you and you are definitely an inspiration to me :)

Royce said...

We have extra food, water, batteries, oil lamps, flashlights and Weather radio. I will go to the sites thou for I"ve never really known what to do. I too am inspired by you Gene and your readers.

Pat said...

We are pretty good with being prepared for hurricanes in the summer and blizzards in the winter. Thanks for all of YOUR great tips and help and inspiration in quilting. It has been fun to bounce things off each other in our many emails and blog posts AND it was especially fun to get to meet you and spend a day on a shop-hop with you and Pat ("Silver Thimble") Wys last February!!!

sewfunquilts said...

Thanks for the reminder about being prepared.

Living in So.CA for 32 yrs, we always had a kit ready in case of earthquakes. Now, that I'm in TX I'm lucky to have a flashlight that works. mmmmmh? maybe I should take care of that.

You inspire
THANKS 2 u 2.