Sunday, September 04, 2011

Shirt Re-do and Star Digitizing

Several weeks months ago I attempted to embroider a polo shirt that I had bought just for that purpose. I had not yet learned to place the embroidery exactly where I want it (okay so I still haven't- sigh!)

I pretty much wrecked the shirt.   I kept trying to find  think of a way to salvage it. Sunday morning really early, before getting out of bed, I just got it in my head.  So it was on my agenda for play time.  I made a pattern out of rice paper (it was handy, the tracing paper wasn't.)  I cut out a piece of fabric (batik - are  you surprised?) and went to work on it. 
Now I know that bottom edge looks wonky in the photo, but it isn't. It is just that it didn't hang straight. 

I also had another pre-dawn idea to work on a digitizing project that I have been playing with. That didn't work out -yet.  But I discovered another thing in my free digitizing program.  So I designed this star. First I sewed it out on just plain stabilizer.
Then I made some edits and sewed it out on some fabric, using a better grade of embroidery thread. 
My stitches are a bit too dense so I got some wrinkling on the right and lower parts. However, I think will still be able to use it. 

And for those that are in the USA and Canada - Happy Labor/Labour Day!


Pat said...

Love the stars and it's great that you figured out a way to salvage the shirt! Are you getting a lot of rain from the tropical storm?

Barb said...

Don't you just love those ideas that just come from no where and end up being fun and wonderful??

Marjorie said...

I am so impressed that you saved that shirt - you are really good - knits are difficult. Love your star too! That looks great.

Barbara said...

Seems you've taught that embroidery machine how to sing and dance. I am sure you will find a way to use the star with wrinkling. It's barely noticeable. Really neat!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Gene what rock have I been living under? I didn't know you had an embroidery machine....very cool. I like that you have fixed your is now a designer shirt :)


sewfunquilts said...

Great idea on the shirt! Naturally...batik fabric. lol

I didn't know you had a digitizing program for your embroidery machine...wonderful. You are just having too much fun!