Sunday, December 04, 2011

Angels -Update and Another Prize

If you saw my earlier post "Searching for Angels"  then you know that I am working on a service project. I have never really known how much JOY could come from something like this.
I saw a post on FaceBook that led me to a post by Lyric Kinard.  So I have added a button on my sidebar that links to the Angels project.
Here is a picture of the button

I have truly found the beauty and joy in my quilting friends.  

One of those friends, Cyndi, said she was unable to make a quilt and get it here in time. However, she is offering a SECOND prize of a $100 gift certificate.  So that winner's name and email will be shared with Cyndi so that she can set up the gift certificate for you. ( but you will get to hear from me first! )

I never knew I had so many amazing readers and friends.  You have all done me very proud so far.  This project has expanded a bit so that the shelter can have a stash of quilts in the closet.  

If you have questions, first read the previous post, then email me if that doesn't answer them.  And if you can't help, it is okay. But if you can, I truly appreciate it.  This project is OUR project now, it is definitely bigger than I am.  I will be posting pictures of the quilts I make as I get to the point where I have them "photo ready."

Peace be with you all.  I am blessed to have you.

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Lyric said...

Thank you so much for this - and for your angel project! It is always such a joy to see how generous people can be.