Saturday, December 03, 2011

Searching for Angels

Angel on High - Photo by Dave Burks
I have a Christmas/Holiday project that was asked of me too late. There is no way that I can accomplish what is needed AND do everything I have to do before Christmas. 

Here is the deal:  I need 8 lap quilts for a shelter.  This shelter is a safe place for children ages 12-17 that are temporarily displaced from their families or are deemed a child in need of services, not "juvenile delinquents.” Youth participate in activities that will increase their knowledge of life skills. Some examples of life skills training they receive will include chores, cooking, budgeting, and other independent living skills. The children also volunteer and perform community services work while in the program and attend public schools to continue their educations.  I know some of the people who work for this shelter and it is a wonderfully run facility.

I am looking for some ANGELS - yes it could be  you -who can make (or one you already have made!) and send one lap quilt (or more if you can) and get it to me by December 21st (in time for Christmas.).  I have a non-quilting ANGEL who is offering a prize -to be drawn from those who send a quilt. This prize will be a $100 gift certificate to an online vendor. (I am thinking Connecting Threads, someplace like that - maybe I can even let the winner choose!) I will have to have six quilts sent in order to be able to offer this prize.  The drawing will be held as soon as possible after the quilts are delivered - I am thinking December 26th.  

I would like the lap quilts to be at least 45 by 60, but a little bigger would be better. Fabric should be gender neutral as the shelter houses both boys and girls and the ratio changes. As these are teens, bright colors will probably be best, but I will leave it to your discretion and wisdom. As for pattern, your choice, I don't mind if it is simple, we do have a short deadline.  Please insure that these are sturdy as I am sure they will get lots of use and washing.  Binding by machine is fine -and faster!   I am hoping that I can make a couple of the needed quilts, however, the shelter can always use extras for new children coming in.  I will take as many quilts for this project as are offered.  Those that arrive by December 21st will be entered in the drawing.  

Okay ANGELS, I know you are out there.  Can you help?  Comment to let me know if you can help and be sure I can contact you by email. 

I thank you for considering this.


Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Count me in my friend!!!


Gene Black said...

One of my friends on FaceBook was unable to comment. So I am putting a comment to keep track.
Sandy has offered to be an angel also. (Thanks Sandy!)

Unknown said...

I'm in Gene! The one I have in mind is one of my first quilts, so technically it is a little suspect, but it is bright and cheery, and I think size wise it is just about right. Give me the details and I'll put it the mail in the morning!

Unknown said...

Gene, I can send two, maybe times of need like this, I can send from my PL stash. Will this be ok? Since I'm not making it, you don't have to enter me in the drawing.

Unknown said...

ok, I Can send 3......Have you check with a local PL chapter in your area?

Barbara said...

God bless, Gene, you -- and all who volunteer to be one of your angels!

Barb said...

I am not interested in the prize but will go and see if I have something for you.

Cyndi said...

Hey Gene! What a great thing you are doing. Unfortunately, I won't be able to help with making a quilt, but perhaps I can help in some other way. I'll e-mail you!



SewCalGal said...

You are truly an Angel on earth. I will do my best to get you one or more quilts by your deadline. I just got my machine back from servicing, but believe I can finish something in time to get it to you for a very worthy cause.


PS - I don't care about the prize, as the cause is what is so special. I've helped to provide quilts and bags to a similar shelter in my area. It really makes a difference to the lives of many.

Granny said...

Not sure if you still need them but I have two I can send. I also do not want the prize . . just happy to help. If you need my two, please send me an email with the address and I'll get them to UPS either Monday or Tuesday.

Lynn said...

I have a finished quilt that has been waiting for the right home. My heart is telling me that this is where it belongs. Send me an address and I will put it in the mail this week.

Is there anything specific that should be on the label?

Miss Hillbilly said...

I wish that I could help you. I think I gave all that I had to Margaret's chest but I will take one last look around. There's no way that I can make one before then.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Gene, send me you mailing address, please.

SewCalGal said...


My machine has had to go back in a 2nd time for service. While back home, I'm fearful I'm not going to be able to finish the FMQ & binding in time for you to receive it on the 21st. So sorry.