Monday, January 16, 2012

Five Strip Slash Block

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I had a few 2.5" strips left over and decided to play with them.  As you may guess this will probably end up on the back of one of my quilts.  Hey, it is the perfect place to use up experimental or orphan blocks. No need to waste them is there? 

Here is my real result:
It is actually a half block.  So I used some digital magic to make an entire block because I didn't have any more matching fabric. 
No, the points are not perfect -live with it!
I am calling this a Five Strip Slash Block.  Here is how to make it.

I took the strips (which were actually only partial strips) and sewed a set of five.  I then cut the unit into squares.  (using digital mockups since I was in the zone and didn't take pictures along the way)
Take two of the squares, rotate one of them 90 degrees, then layer them right sides together.
Two units -one rotated 90 degrees
Line them up as neatly as possible - pin if desired.  On the back of the top block draw a diagonal line corner to corner. (you can use a pencil or ink pen, it will not show in the finished product!)
Sew a quarter inch seam on both sides of that line (you are sewing through both units) Once both seams are sewn, cut (slash) down the drawn line to make two 5-strip half square triangles.
Real picture this time!

Join these along the edges with the small triangles to make half of the finished square:

Join those to make the finished block
Not hard to do and it really pops. 
Here are a couple of EQ samples I prepared to give you an idea of a full quilt made from these. I did layouts in both rotations for you. 
Alternating blocks -joining non-matching colors.
Joining Similar Colors
If you make this quilt I would love to see a picture of it. 
You could alternately make the units with an even number of strips and there would be no solid interior square. 

I am considering new videos to make.  What would you like to see demonstrated?


Rhonda said...

Wow Gene. Love the tutorial and the block and yes you need to do a demo!!!

Pat said...

Great block! I like your videos but I have no clue what to suggest for your next topic. Hmmmm.......I'm sure you will come up with something good, though.

Barbara said...

Another GB original, wonderful!

Barbara said...

Another GB original, wonderful!

Barbara said...

Another GB original, wonderful!

Unknown said...

That is an awesome block! Love it! :)

Barb said...

Looks wonderful, I think I have the most fun in my room when I experiment....great going!

Tangos Treasures said...


Donna said...

Love your block. As far as a video goes you pick and I will watch.

Unknown said...

I love how you can design a quilt and show your block as well