Monday, January 02, 2012

Late Christmas Presents

I went to visit my Nana over the long holiday weekend.  She was doing well and we both enjoyed the visit.  While I was there we exchanged gifts.  She always asks me for a wish list -so I go to and make out a list for her.  I try to put plenty on there so she has a choice.  I guess I didn't put enough on the list this time- Why?  because I got it all. Now these are gifts for a quilter!  I am very very happy with them.  I feel like I am on the "cutting edge" of quilting now.
Every single item is related to quilting and specifically rotary cutting.  This does NOT mean I will not be using my AccuQuilt GO! cutter.  But I am a diversified quilter.  So I will be trying some new things.
The cutting mat was number ONE on my wish list. The mat I was using had already been used a lot in an art studio when I got it.  It had a few grooves and was ready for retirement.   This nice Olfa mat will be kinder to my eyes with the green and yellow than the old mat which was black with grey lines.
I already have several rotary cutters, but I love trying different styles - and after all, I needed one that I can leave a wavy edged blade in for cutting fusible fun pieces.
Extra rotary blades- yeah- who doesn't need those?
The book was one of those "that might be interesting" selections.  I read through it a couple of times already.  I can't wait to try some of the ideas in it.

I was going to show you some fabric I bought, but I made a HUGE mistake.   That means I may not have pictures for days!  You see, my delightful new iMac has a nice little SD slot on the side right below the DVD drive.  So, I reached up to insert the SD card from my camera and slipped it right into the DVD drive.  YIKES!  The card is in there and (good news) it didn't make any noise -the Apple support guy said that is a good thing- I also can't use the DVD/CD drive until we go to the Apple store and get it  fixed.  Apple support was very nice and didn't say "you dummy!" unlike what I said to myself.  For now I have covered the DVD/CD  slot with blue painters tape to reduce the chance of me trying to pop a disc in there. Bad new- the Apple store is over an hour away and I won't be able to get there until at least next weekend.
The fabric that I was going to show you came from  They have a selection called "Three Pound Cotton Remnant Assortment"  It says approximately 9 yards of fabric packaged from random end of  bolt remnants.  This has tempted me since I first saw it.   I got some great pieces including, Phillip Jacobs, Jinny Beyer, Moda Hullabaloo, a couple of Free Spirit fabrics, Michael Miller, and others.  All of it is good quilt shop quality fabric and I suspect it is more than nine yards.  Some of it is fabric I would never have bought, but that is good; it will challenge me find a way to use it.  Oh yes, this was a present of sorts also.  I was given money for Christmas and told buy something you want! LOL, I always want fabric.


Melissa ;-) said...

What a nice Nana you have! You will have fun with that - you always do! I laughed at your SD accident. Something I would do! I have always wondered about those bundles. How big are the pieces? It sure does sound intriguing!

Pat said...

How nice of your Nana to get everything on your list for you! I, too, was wondering the sizes of the pieces of they seem to give at least a 1/4 yard of each?

Rhonda said...

Nana is a great gifter for sure. Oh dear about the DVD slot thingy. But those support people can fix anything. My fingers are crossed!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

What a lovely Nana you have- does she want to adopt any more quilters??? LOL.
Happy New Year from Australia, Gene!! Sandy. :)

Four dogs and one quilter said...

What a sweet Nana you have; I miss mine.

Reading your post on my iMac and I had to check the side. Sure enough, there is a SD slot. Who knew, always load my pictures by attaching my camera with a mini USB cord. I am sure they will be able to easily fix it. Enjoy your fabric.

Anonymous said...

Your Nana sounds very nice! =) Lovely gifts.

And so sorry about your dilemma and I hope you get it fixed ASAP!

Tangos Treasures said...

Love your gifts!! Yikes on your SD card, hope you can get it fixed soon!!

Barbara said... nice of your Nana! She's a peach.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm thinking you are very loved Gene. Save your old mat...they are wonderful for cutting up and putting in the bottom of bags and other such things...but you probably already knew that.

The book is an excellent one...I have it too.

Sorry about your mishap...stuff happens Gene....and it can happen to me :)


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

One can never have too many cutting tools or mats. I have four different sizes of the Olfa mats and use them all. Sorry to hear about the trouble with the computer but at least it's still working.